DP1 Raw pack for download!

[updated] It’s time for the first RAW pack! I think it’s an interesting selection of handheld shots (mirror image on tripod) that shows the ability of the Sigma DP1 in different environments. Make sure you have the Sigma Photo Pro 3.1 (mac) or Sigma Photo Pro 2.4 (PC) installed. The new DP1 raw format is different from the SD14’s. Photos taken in all different ISO speeds and different light. Good for SPP training. :)There is a video out where I play with these shots as well as others. Go to video.

dp1 raw pack for download

Download 111mb dp1rawpack.zip!

Just saw that I didn’t have a shot of the dp1 in any of my articles. Here’s one. :)

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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33 Responses to DP1 Raw pack for download!

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  2. hting says:


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  4. BobNL says:

    not working, decompression failed :(

  5. Works again! :D No problem to download.

  6. Amin says:

    Wow Carl, thanks for this! Mind if I post crops from your processed RAWs with comments on my blog? Of course I will attribute the RAWs to you. I really appreciate all that you have shared here and have been linking to you extensively =). -Amin (www.aminfoto.com)

  7. Amin, I don’t mind at all – I’ve been looking at your blog from time to time. Just do it. :)

  8. Amin says:

    Thanks again Carl!

  9. Giuseppe says:

    I don’t have a serial number to download the photo pro :-(

  10. PeterPan says:

    Giuseppe! Carl acually gave us his serial one time. Still works great!!


    I found it using google. His serial is 1004536

  11. Pierrick says:

    Thanks a lot !

  12. Ankur says:

    wow, awesome. Thank you! Your posts have convinced me to place my order for the camera.

  13. bobbel says:

    Thx PeterPan and thx Carl.
    Greate to have the possiblity to play a bit with the raws.
    As soon as the DP1 will be available in Germany I’ll grab that gem :)


  14. Andreas says:

    ahaaa!! Carl, you have the SPP PC version for download! DIdn’t see that one coming! Great!!! Thanks! Hopefully SIgma will not kill you for that!

  15. Ben says:


  16. Carl:
    Thanks for sharing your RAW files. I am wondering about the SPP adjustment “X3 Fill Light.” What do you think this adjustment does?


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  18. Jan says:

    really curious what the lag time is for the dp1..
    and I also thought 800 ISO was the maximum speed??

    thanks for posting those raw files!!

  19. Hi Jan!

    It’s easy and can be done with any camera.

    You underexpose your shot when taking it. (picture comes out dark) – then you compensate that with the exposure slider in your raw developer software. (In this case SPP3.1)

    Woala, you now have the ISO you want. All the way up to ISO6400 is possible. Bit with higher ISO comes noise. So with higher ISO I normally convert to black and white. Looks cool. :)

  20. Hi Charles,

    The fill light function is for bringing more dynamic range into the picture. (highlight gets darker and shadows lighter) Some like it, some don’t. I almost never use it. If I do then 0.1 or something is the maximum. :D

    Fun to play with.

  21. Jan!

    I forgot to answer your first question. There is no lagtime if you use manual focus. If you use AF then it’s the time it takes to wait for AF to look. Often very fast. But more lag. :)

  22. Giuseppe says:

    Yeah!!! thanks PeterPan.

  23. And, everyone can now download SPP 2.4 PC here. Let’s hope it stays that way for some time. :) (link in the above article)

  24. Cazalis says:

    Carl. Great work you do. Any chance of getting a RAW night shot? With say 800 ISO? I shoot a lot in low light and really want to know how much noise I can expect before purchasing. If you do it, I would appreciate a 28mm or 35mm look on a street scene (perhaps) and a medium body shot to see skins. Sorry to be picky. Thx

  25. Janna says:

    Carl, thanks very much for your efforts, much appreciated. Very impressed with the DP1 and ease of processing the raw files.

  26. tuck says:

    Hi Carl,

    I downloaded the spp2.4 for the dp1 and also your dp1rawpack. What I did was just view the x3f files and then save as is into jpg ( medium 4.5mb, highest jpg quality 12, sRGB windows) and also as a comparison in tiff( 16bit). Then I viewed again in spp2.4 and noticed that the original x3f file are a look sharper, punchier than either the jpg or the tiff. BTW I am using an ibm laptop x60s with a 12 inch screen and the differences is very visible, nevermind a full print.

    Can you tell me if the Mac spp will give different results and also if you are aware of the issues above. Last question, am I missing any other save options which will give me a very close result to the original x3f file.

    Thanks again for all the great work. I am considering the dp1 against the nikon d60..

  27. Hi Tuck,

    The answer is simple. SPP 2.4 (PC) don’t have proper color management. SPP 3.1 Mac has. The PC version will be fixed pretty soon I heard, this will be a problem only for a short while. A bird sang to me that colors will get improved too. Didn’t think it was possible. ;)

  28. tuck says:

    HI Carl,

    Many many thanks for this…really appreciated it. As it is I am blown away by the colour fidelity of the dp1. I have put off buying a dslr because I am very used to film and its colour fidelity. I have not come across any dsalr that comes close to kodachrome, fujichrome and the dp1 is actually pretty close.

    Am looking forward to the fix in spp2.4….

    Thanks again and keep up all the great work:-)

  29. heroina says:


    Did anyone have problems with downloading and installing sigma software on macbook pro. I am trying and the disk image I get is not working and after trying to mount it with toast i managed but the SPP application says it won’t run on this architecture. // I would really like to get this working before I buy a camera …

    Well anyway thanks // and it’s really a great blog

  30. heroina says:

    well i managed to download with firefox //
    wasn’t working with safari

  31. CS says:

    wow, awesome. Thank you!

  32. Toshiro says:


    I was looking for DP1’s RAW for HDR process experiment.
    I published on my blog in HDR way one of your pic. If I should close it, please tell me.

    Thanks again!

  33. Rafał says:

    Thanks Carl for all the posts on your site about dp1 very helped me in choosing this camera, I was wondering dp1 between the Lumix LX3 and now I have no doubt … dp1 rulzzzz :D greetings from the cold as Polish


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