Sigma DP1 ISO400 good mixed light.

People has been asking about mixed light shots so I took some of kids playing. This room had fluorescent light and daylight coming in from widows at roof level. So more daylight than fluorescent – (= Good mixed light)

Both ISO400 first 1/25s second 1/40, both has been slightly altered in PS. Sigma DP1 - indoor mixed light

Sigma DP1 - indoor mixed light

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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17 Responses to Sigma DP1 ISO400 good mixed light.

  1. Tesa says:

    Det blir bra bilder av den, går ju inte att förneka!

  2. Ardexx says:

    The result appears excellent to me. Well done Carl. Do you already have the final firmware on the camera? The DP1 is in the shops in Japan since yesterday so official firmware must be available I would say. I hope you can post some X3 files soon. Thanks, Armand

  3. Hej Tesa, Ja, visst blir det! Men jag måste säga att jag är grymt ovan vid P&S grejen. Jag vill ju ha den vid ögat men så måste man hålla kameran i luften. hehe.. skumma grejer.

  4. Hi Ardexx

    I guess I have the final one – I’m not sure. My firmware says 0.43.00 so something tells me that they’re still working on many things even if it works as is. :) Which is a good thing.

  5. Raist3d says:

    Carl, can you try in low light? Tungsten light? Thanks. I know this is a lot of work but since you are playing with your camera, why not :-)

    I am seeing some loss of detail and the colors seem to shift a tad but nothing bad. Certainly mixed light will have on some points a compromise somewhere.

    – Raist

  6. Kristofer says:

    Skulle jätte gärna vilja se en faluröd stuga i 400 iso en dunkel tråkig dag.

  7. Carl, they are all great pictures to understand this camera.

    I particularly enjoyed the videos, as well. For character, of course. Also the practical aspects, that this really will work, and quite nicely I think, for short clip interviews.

    Hello to you and your friends, each very enjoyable. A hug and a nice moment of thoughtful conversation to Linn, who seems she could have liked that, on that day.

    Best to each, from Basel which looks like Sweden today,

  8. Well. Actually I attached the above to the ‘wrong’ weblog entry – sorry ;).

    I think I was trying to include the children too, who I much enjoy.

    Thought still goes to Linn, and I am sure she will appreciate it in just the right way.

    Best to both, and bright charactered friends too (and who even sing ;), and very well too),


  9. Hi Clive! :D Yeah – the video function is fun – not the best resolution but it does give something that not much else dose. :) Something unique like the rest of the camera.

    Linn will of course appreciate that you mention her. She want to be the owner of the DP1. I think I have to get another one.

  10. Anton says:

    Thanks for all cute kid shots Carl, but honestly I’m shocked by those IKEA cabinets in the background…in Sweden no less!!! However, I also second Raist’s request for some “indoor evening” shots under low tungsten light if possible. Thank you!

  11. konbau says:

    Hi, Carl,

    I love these photos….gorgeous!~ ^^

  12. Anton, haha.. so what do you like the DP1’s output? I’m working these days so I don’t have the time I want to take lots of photos, at least not as many as I like.

    Will go to Ale Gymnasium today and be with the young people. Will have the DP1 with me of course. Think they’ll enjoy the time with me better if I have it. :D

  13. MP says:


    How did you get a DP1 so soon?

    Does it have any sort of zoom?

    How does the [if any] macro work like?

    Whats it like in low light non-flash situation



  14. Hej MP!

    There is a crop-zoom. It’s only possible to use in JPEG. Never used it though. There is no Macro mode – not what I know of anyways. In movie mode you have a macro / close up mode and far away mode. But you never get focus closer than 30cm from the lens. For a 28mm lens this is no problem. (very wide)

    Low light non-flash is my next article coming out very soon. Just need the time to develop those images. Where shutter speed goes way lower than I can hand hold and ISO pending between 400 and 3200. Some light sources with very low RD number isn’t so good for this type of sensor. But I’ll do my best and show what it looks like.

  15. Thanks Konbau! Welcome to my blog! :) I think I should add your blog on my “friends” list. It’s time.

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  17. Steve says:


    Regardless of the equipment you’re carrying your talent comes through each photograph. Thank you for spending the time to write and post photos from the DP1. Your blog is a living advertisement for Sigma’s newest creation.

    I’ve been on the fence for a while and have started to fall in the direction purchasing a DP1. The last obstacle holding me back is what I’ve read about its speed. How do you find the speed, particularly when shooting candids?

    Kind regards,

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