Sigma DP1 movie clip

Alright – I have a movie clip made from a cool little camera known as the Sigma DP1. It’s my sister performing a well known song outside our home. Despite the size (320×200) I think it’s really nice and the sound quality is MUCH better than I thought it would be, there is a certain depth to the picture that you will not get with a small sensor camera and it looks very filmish, do you agree?. Enjoy 12MB worth of sister singing for the love of the DP1. ;)

[ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ]

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. BobNL says:

    mmm, just sound… don’t see anything :(

  2. there is a link to download the clip right? Must be played using quicktime..

  3. BobNL says:

    Downloaded it and now plays in quicktime, may need the perian plug-in. Not sure! Looks good!

  4. Ardexx says:

    Nice movie Carl. It would not play in VLC (on the Mac) but it does in Quicktime (with Perian). Do you have a commercially available DP1 or is it a review sample?

  5. cool … thanks Carl :-)

  6. Filip U. says:

    Interesting feeling to the picture. It’s kinda like film and not at the same time. Now if only Sigma could increase the resolution on the Movie format now that would be awesome!

  7. zato says:

    Very good, Carl! Your sis sings very well too. As you note, the sound is quite natural, even when you pull back. Maybe just a little too muck high freq, Picture is excellent. (Viewed on a mac with Mplayer (best for avi’s). Note to Mac people: The easiest way to D/L is drag to select the url, then copy, then go to Safari>window>download. Paste. Then look on the desktop. For Vids on YouTube, go to Safari>Window>Activity, and find the .flv file. It will usually be the largest file in the list. Usually 2-12 MB. Select to copy, and paste in the Download window.

  8. zato says:

    Forgot to add that the downloaded files from YouTube need to be re-named to whatever.flv. And you need Perian in the QT ext folder.

  9. Mike Gerstner says:

    very nice, thanks for sharing. The hight point is definitely not the video quality, but the beautiful voice and face of your sister. Next time try and pick someting not so distracting. LOL

    best, Mike

  10. Wow that is amazing quality! Last camera I had that did 320×200 was my camera phone and it wasn’t too great.

    Have you tried up-sizing it yet?

    BTW you sister has a lovely voice.

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  12. Erik Magnuson says:

    I thinks it’s the nice shallow DOF that gives this such a movie like feel. And the lack of compression. It resizes to 640×480 on my screen very well – just a little soft (which also is more movie like.) Alas, I’ll have to point this out to Sandy the next time she want to talk about 28mm FOV and portraits.

  13. Bengt Werner says:

    A fantastic good quality of moviecljp on a such a small compact camera. Your sister do a great job here.

    Bengt Werner

  14. JPSabo says:

    I downloaded the clip to my MacPro. I don’t have the full version of Quicktime, but I was able to copy a frame from the .avi and paste it into a photo editor. It’s actually quite acceptable as a snapshot. It resized nicely, too.

    Thanks for the posting.

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  16. spalbird says:

    Beautiful sister, beautiful voice and sounds very good here. When upsizing sound should noch be affected IMHO…

  17. Pete says:

    Nice. Given the FUD when it was announced it is nice to see how good it looks and sounds. Yes, higher resolution would be nice (and will eventually come) but for websites this works well. You are correct about the sound as well (and you sister does have a nice voice).

    Thanks for sharing.


  18. Jeremy says:

    Wow, she’s a really good singer. I could listen to a lot more of that.

    A bunch of video professionals have been wishing for a Foveon sensor in a video camera. This clip shows the potential.


  19. Larry Carter says:

    Good stuff. I had to buy one.

  20. Brian Mosley says:

    Hi Carl,

    thanks for putting this up – really love the video and sound quality!

    I’m currently struggling with the choice between Ricoh GX100 and the upcoming DP1… here’s my pros/cons & I’d appreciate any advice based on your experience with the DP1?

    Sigma DP1 vs Ricoh GX100

    Sensor size :
    DP1 wins on Dynamic Range, clean low ISO images, high ISO B&W, movie mode!
    GX100 wins on high DOF, high ISO colour(?), macro performance

    Camera ergonomics :
    GX100 wins on size, handling, speed… mature and polished product

    Lens :
    GX100 wins on flexibility and speed of lens
    DP1 wins on sharpness of lens (?)

    Plus, I can buy a GX100 today for less than half the price of a Sigma DP1 which won’t be available for another 2 or 3 weeks…

    Have I missed anything?

    I know there must be many people struggling with this choice – I’d really appreciate your honest opinion.

    Kind Regards


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