BW DP1 experiment | iso3200 – 6400

I’m taking this seriously! I realized that the more I learn about high ISO BW – the more I love the feeling of what comes out. These are all more or less taken at 16mm (28mm) – so this is what the DP1 would produce more or less. And the Dp1 has a sharper lens – it will produce nothing less than magnificent black and whites for sure!

All of these are developed using Raw Developer and the profile Monochrome XDR. PS has pleyed a minor role with burn tool and vignetting on some shots.

Black and white experiment part 2SDIM9804500Black and white experiment part 2Black and white experiment part 2SDIM9852500Black and white experiment part 2

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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18 Responses to BW DP1 experiment | iso3200 – 6400

  1. Landor Dees says:

    Hi Carl,

    Really like the look & feel of these images.

    Really like the Tram image, the more you look into it, the more it looks like it was taken many years ago. The grain / texture means you’ll be able to take images that can look many years older than they are. especially going the opposite way to clean / no noise images. your images convey some mystery even on standard shots.

    Brilliant! I love the way you experiment and push the boundaries of what the Sigma / Foveon Partnership can do.


  2. Janne Ainesmaa says:

    Hi Carl!

    I’m loving these B&W photographs and being a fan of such pictures I went out last night and snapped a few of those 3200-6400ISO in downtown Helsinki.

    Since I don’t have RD I’m wondering how big of the difference do you think the RD vs. SPP on a mac has? I mostly use lightroom but noticed that the noise is unbearably ugly in Monochrome on it. I’m thinking about cashing out for RD if it really has a huge difference agains Lightroom and SPP? What do you think?

    Cheers, Janne.

  3. Landor, thanks for your comment! It’s a new world and a world I love so much, almost like walking into history. :) Tram was fun. Especially with the girl in the back. I remembered that she looked straight at me when I took the shot.

  4. Janne Ainesmaa, you did go out? Wowaa. :D Great. Please send me on or so, so I can have a look.

    It’s tricky to do this without RD. SPP can do it to some extent but you need to use photoshop in order to finalize the image. Raw Developer can take care of almost everything and has more detail and noise preserved. If you have a Mac, then you can at least download RD and try it for free.

  5. Janne Ainesmaa says:

    I did get the demo now so I’ll snap some new pics and see how it works out with RD! Too bad it leaves a watermark :D

    What do you do in photoshop to finalize the image? Just curious :D

    Thanks Carl for really pushing the boundaries and opening my eyes to new possibilities!! You the man!

  6. I don’t know what it is…

    Maybe it is the visual appeasementness (?) of seeing it, but I really like your toilet shots!

    Maybe because it is every man’s thinking spot? I don’t know…

    BTW those are excellent. I love the mood and tone you have with your B&W photos. I can’t wait to see what you do with the DP1.

    Did you get ISO 6400 by underexposing -1.7?

  7. Tesa says:

    Härligt! Nu börjar gatufotografi se ut som “gatufotografi” igen. Gillar verkligen känslan i bilderna.

  8. wooliudo says:

    the noise is really similar to grain here and the tonality is close too.

    i would try it out if my sd14 wasn’t bricked by the god damn firmware 1.06…

  9. Carl says:

    Hi Wooliudo,

    Noise is nice! :D

    I’m very sorry to hear this. I was a bit nervous when I did my upgrades (I have two SD14) but everything went well. I’m very sorry to hear about bricked SD14’s. :(

    Hope they’re restore them quick and painless.

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  11. Carl says:


    Visst blir det härliga bilder? Usch – jag som har en kamera som är känd för sina fina färger kör nästan bara svartvitt! haha.. känns lite konstigt, nästan som slöseri. Men det är kul! :D

    När har du vägarna förbi GBG? Måste ju ut någon dag o ta någon bild tillsammans! (med din gosse kanske också)

  12. Tesa says:

    Carl: Absolut, det måste vi ju göra! Jag kan ta en sväng förbi nästan när som helst…ja, iallafall på helger, vardagar är lite svårare.

  13. android says:

    i really like the high iso images, especially as they are black and white…

    the second photo and the toilet ones are my favourite… (maybe you should do a toilet project :p )

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  15. Davi says:

    Hi Carl,
    Very impressive Picture and very interesting workflow, but I could not find Monochrome XDR Profile in RD (Demo version).
    Im using DP1.

    Sorry if my english is not very good.

  16. Hi Davi!

    Raw Developer don’t have “real” support for DP1 raw files. You need to convert your files first with the DNG converter. But using SPP you get very good monochrome results. Just remember to pull down sharpness until you get a “nice” picture. :)

  17. Ricky says:

    I’m in love with these images.

  18. haha, me too. :D I should definitely try some more.

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