Raw Developer 1.71 released. Letter from Brian Griffith.

Dear Sigma users!

The RAW Developer 1.7.1 update was released today and features completely new image processing algorithms for the Sigma SD model cameras. Hopefully, these changes resolve all crashing issues with the X3F file format as well. The release is available for download here.

Color rendering for the Sigma cameras should show major improvements and special noise reduction processing has now been implemented to better handle higher ISO images from these cameras as well. A couple items of note related to the new Sigma specific changes:

1) Color processing for the Sigma models is entirely new and should be very much improved for X3F files.

2) The “Early Stage Noise Reduction” algorithm has been entirely re-designed specifically for the Foveon sensor used in these models.

This slider found on the “SharpNR” tab pane should be the primary adjustment used for noise reduction with these cameras. Results even at ISO 1600 should now be much improved. The noise reduction is also automatically fine tuned on a per image ISO basis. The sensor used in these cameras gets very noisy at higher ISO settings so “zero” noise reduction at higher ISO values is just completely unusable and it doesn’t really make sense to allow noise reduction to be entirely disabled.

3) There are now 2 additional specific Sigma options under the Input Profile menu, one provides a slightly wider color gamut than the RIMM (aka ProPhotoRGB) based default and the other provides a Foveon sensor specific monochrome rendering.

4) The white balance presets now take advantage of camera specific preset data however note that the Color Temp is just an estimate for the camera presets so for example if “Daylight” shows a temp of 5500 the preset may not exactly match an actual color temperature slider setting of 5500 as the camera presets and the color temp sliders implement white balance slightly differently.

5) The color rendering has been completely re-worked with this release so previous RAW Developer settings files are likely no longer applicable to this release. Any old “rdsf” settings files should probably be archived or deleted. I have tried to remain compatible with the older settings files, but I highly recommend making new settings adjustments with this release.

Let me know if you continue to see any issues with the new X3F file handling.

Brian Griffith
Iridient Digital

Also continue to read the thread over at dpreview about this software also including some example images.

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2 Responses to Raw Developer 1.71 released. Letter from Brian Griffith.

  1. TJ Hanlon says:

    This is really good, with both colors and sharpness. Thanks,


  2. alinur says:

    Raw developer is primary level developer. I am a raw developer.

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