Bohusläns museum – Exhibition by friends

Yesterday I attended the opening of a new exhibition held in Bohusläns museum in Uddevalla. Kinesisk samtidskonst – identitet och förvandling. I just wanted to show some of the pictures I took and share with the artists and you – I know they will have a look here now. :) I will add (added some) info and names for each picture later. Some more to see at my flickr page.

art at the exhibition

art at the exhibition

art at the exhibition

art at the exhibition

Janeric Johansson
Janeric Johansson – Artist and friend.

Xiao Gang
Xiao Gang. Room mate in China – Now living in Göteborg. Skilled musician.

Linn found a photo showing the fast growing city thingi – and oala! She point her finger at the very apartment that she lived in back in Kunming! (We don’t know the photographer)

Maria Ådahl
Maria Ådahl

Anna Frid
Anna Frid

mooncake l23
Magnus Frid, Anna Frid and Wu Yen Xi (spelling?!)

Luo Fei
Luo Fei – He tought me so much back in China. (words in Chinese etc) Very interesting artist – here doing performance – showing true love by washing anyones feet.

Luo Fei

Luo Fei

Luo Fei
(Luo Fei – here washing my feet!) – Photo by Linn.

Janeric Johansson talking to friend.

mooncake l6

mooncake l5

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5 Responses to Bohusläns museum – Exhibition by friends

  1. The Panda says:

    That looks like it was a lot of fun Carl, especially seeing all your old friends from China. I love the lighting on the last two. They are oddly attractive…

    One question…Who painted a portrait of me?

  2. lf says:

    hahha:)I just came back Uddevalla from Oslo,too tired.but exciting…
    maybe we will meet tomorrow in Gothenbreg?
    thanx 4 ur foto:D,I love them:D

  3. Tesa says:

    Så du är så här högt upp i landet också ibland? ;)
    Själv har jag haft fullt upp och hittills missat den utställningen totalt.

  4. haha.. A, väääldigt högt upp! :D Såg Pär på bild i Aftonbladet! Svincoolt!!

  5. Olle Lindell says:

    Dear Friends.

    Happen to have a Janeric Johansson triptyk/collage/gouache/pencil piece for (private!) sale. A beautiful small size painting with horses and pyramid from 1990.
    If interested you´re welcome to contact me at

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