Up and running!

So what do you guys feel?! Maybe you could download some Raw Packages, some full size images, maybe watch a movie or something and give me some feedback on speed.

It feels great from my side of the fence, that’s for sure. I currently have 198GB of free space! :D
Swedish west coast
Another shot from same time and place as the others. Foveon brings reality to the screen in such a fascinating way. If you’re the owner of Nikon / Canon and you feel you can show something that looks “real” I’d love to see. Add a comment with a link. Thanks.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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12 Responses to Up and running!

  1. Clive says:

    Carl, at a first look, it looks like it is working well.

    Your page loads feel subjectively ‘rapid enough’, here in der Schweiz, and on a fast cable modem.

    I tried a video – started I thought quite rapidly, seemed like only a very few seconds, buffer load, and played nicely.

    I tried a raw package download, and got about 90 KB/s, which I think is quite normal and good for content that doesn’t have an edge distribution setup as with Akamai. By comparison (and to show my best speed), downloading Apple iTunes was 600KB/s, but that is exceptional at a ‘good’ time of day here, and surely Akamai’d out to nearby in Europe to get it.

    You can try yourself using http://www.pingdom.com, to see a quite nice graphic picture as your site loads from New York, in a browser-equivalent always to a fresh (uncached) load. This is handy, and again, your site looks good on it. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the green vs. blue parts of the load, as I find those don’t look right on my own site, but the overall item load times are very useful.

    Conclusion: looks like Dreamhost works, on the first day anyway ;). There is a very slight softness in load feeling from start, which is no doubt due to the latency delay to Los Angeles. It’s not much, and not objectionable. In fact, your exercise interests me because it shows that a host on a really good Internet connection can actually work in Europe, without that high-corporate Akamai etc..

    We now return you to normal non-tech scheduled viewing…!


  2. Thanks for the info on http://www.pingdom.com, I needed to register in order to use right so I’ll do that soon. :) I get something like 350kb/s here in sweden (using FTP) – and that’s at least three times faster than my old one.com. I’m happy to have paid less per year and get 100 times the space. 100 times!!

    Thanks for feedback!

  3. Tesa says:

    Spontant känns det snabbare även hos mig för det gick ganska segt förut emellanåt. Jag har ytterligare två linor jag kan testa under veckan om du vill. Just nu rullar jag på Telia 8 mbit.

  4. Clive says:

    Hi Carl –

    Yes, speed of the overseas links depends a lot on what is called ‘peering’ – the interconnection of the many piece parts of the Internet.

    This has a cost to the providers, so often a big, loose one like mine at home (Cablenet) doesn’t opt to pay for best service. So probably my test is a good one for you – I would say their North American service is ‘medium’ at best.

    I tried again today, and once again, videos start quickly, and I got about 88MB/s for a raw package download. The Raw download was very steady around its speed, which is a good sign.

    Good idea on the pingdom service, though the free one works ok for me. I would watch anyway, as ‘things happen’ with web providers. I am sorting out one with my good Swiss provider right now; is why I am on here writing.

    More good pictures ;). Now you have the space for them…

    Best, and to Linn,

  5. Hej Tesa, ja, jag har aldrig varit nöjd med One.com (eller b-one som de hette förut) – dock var det krångligt att ta sig ur och inga bra alternativt som gav mig utrymme att växa utan att det kostade för mycket.

    Men nu känns det bra, mycket bra. Får du också runt 90kn/s när du laddar ner? om det håller sig stadigt där så är det ju bra. :) Kunde vait bättre men hej, jag betalar ju typ ingenting så det är perfekt. :D

  6. Tesa says:

    Tja, på jobbet börjar den på runt 50 men vandrar snabbt upp till 100 och sen stabiliserar den sig mellan 140-150. Valde en 48mb stor RAW (vad det var minns jag inte!).
    Klockan 08 på morgonen svensk tid! :)

  7. hehe.. tack! :D Du e go du! 140-150kb/s? Wow, det är ju inte så kass. Fy va gött.

  8. Clive, yeah. Would be cool to know what speed people in the states get. If we here in Europe get 80-100kb/s – I get 350kb/s if I connect using FTP – but what do Chunsum and the others get?! :)

    Before I made the move I got letters saying that my site often where overloaded and that people overseas sometimes got speeds that was down to 2-5kb/s. That’s when I started to look for options.

    Tell me about that swiss provider. Would be fun to test. :)

  9. Tesa says:

    Hemma: TDC 8mbit, faktiskt så gick det 223k/s!! Kl. 21.50, samma raw pack 3.
    Det gick snabbare än på jobbet, måste vara nåt tjall på linan där, får jag nog kolla imorgon.

    Edit: My mistake… 234 stoppade den visst på! Jag var tvungen att prova igen så det inte var nåt fel! :)

  10. en kille i holland fick mellan 200 och 220kb/s hela tiden på raw-packen. Så det är riktigt gött. :D Du får säga till om du behöver utrymme för nått, jag har 198GB som jag inte använder. :) än

  11. Filip U. says:

    Kan nog påpeka att jag fick medel runt 280kb och det gick uppemot 320kb/s ibland.. 21:22 eller nå’t sånt… :o)
    När ska vi ut och fota Calle?

  12. Jag vill ut SNART! Jag har beställt ett 77mm BW pol filter samt lite goa ND grads.. vill leka!

    PS. Vilken underskön hastighet du kom upp i! Det är ju helt underbart! nu måste jag bara komma ut och fota lite mer! DS

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