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Per Bäck photography

Per Bäck photographyPer Bäck photographyA couple of weeks ago a senior named Per Bäck and his lovely wife comes to my garden and shared a cup of coffee, they’re both young looking so I was very surprised when they told me they’re both a bit over 80 – they had this look and way that told me that they had something more – something to teach. (I think they saw the same thing, but other way around – you know hopeless case sort of thing) While talking we realize that we have an interest in common and that is the love of photography. (I like to think I saw it in their eyes).

Per told me that he’s been taking photos of flowers and that his wife would look them up in fauna-pedias etc. Sometimes they would search for a special rare something or do experiment to find out how they work.

See below image showing this small little thing that is said to find its way on animal hair and move on – Per made this experiment by using his wifes hair and see if it worked as planned. :)

Per Bäck photography

He used Yashicas and lot’s of extension tubes and flip-floped lenses and homemade focus assist holder he was able to take something like 10:1. Quite amazing and very difficult. He said he sometimes had to work an hour only to get focus right for ONE single shot.

Per Bäck photography

Above picture: With a 2x extension tube + 200mm lens + flip-flopped 50mm lens + you get terrible shutter speeds and VERY very small part in focus. very shallow DOF.

Per Bäck photographyIt was terribly hard to focus with the focus ring alone so he built his own focus assistant. A beautiful wood + Plexiglas creation to support his work.

After being at his home in Alingsås – drinking coffee and eating delicious sandwiches I have this urge to take macros. Strange huh? Not very. Problem is that I don’t have the equipment (read lenses) nor the full knowledge how to pull it together in order to get closer than my current macros says and that’s only 1:1 – pretty far from 10:1. Any good inputs from you guys out there?! Is there any possibility to use Yashica lenses on a SD camera with Pentax converter? They’re not screw mount or anything.

Per Bäck photography

All pictures in this article is taken with SD14 using Sigma 30mm lens. ISO400 used most of the time. To see two more photos of cameras and flowers:

Per Bäck photographyPer Bäck photography

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