XiaoGang and Maria wedding pictures

Click above picture to get full size view. Lens: 12-24 @12mm with some plastic in front of the lens.

[edit, text updated #2] We had a great time at the Wedding and I shot something like 700 photos – 83 of them are now published. Their full names was Zeng Xiao Gang and Maria Ådahl – the new name is unknown. [EDIT: Putt Mr and Mrs before, no other changes are made] :D I was too busy taking pictures to listen. Maria, maybe you could add a comment about it?! These pictures will now find its way into a picture book.

click for all 83The black corners a due to a filter thread that I use sometimes with my wide angles. (I got it very recently) It’s something that could be described as a “sky saver” a faded one stop saving plastic. I felt very happy about using it because it gave me the feeling of 6×6 (you can easily see the black left / right frame on some pictures). It’s much more fun to balance the picture this way (and I got more powerful skies at the same time).

I still wonder why there isn’t any 35mm digital SLR’s that has a square image. That would be so nice! You would never have to think in terms of landscape / portrait any longer. Just like in the good old days!

Click the above picture to see them all. or click here.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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18 Responses to XiaoGang and Maria wedding pictures

  1. [fixed] Ohh.. I was in a hurry and didn’t notice how BAD lightroom exported these photos! Some of them look very bad – Lightroom has this stupid bug and today is worst case ever!

    I’m not at home, will fix later. grrrr

  2. The Panda says:

    Carl those are excellent! Do you mean the black borders around some photos? I thought that was how it was suppose to be -_^

  3. I fixed the problem! :D Problem no more. The black border is supposed to be there! It’s from a filter thread.

  4. Tesa says:

    Many good pictures! I’ve would also like to see the square format on a 35 mm’s digital camera. I would even like to see a square lens that handle’s straight lines correct! ;)

  5. Kalle och Linn ni är fantastiska fotografer! Vilka underbara bilder. Vi blir helt lyckliga när vi ser dem! Vi vill gärna se resten av de 700 (!) bilderna också! Det var den bästa dagen i våra liv tack att ni var med!

    PS: Vi heter fortfatande Maria Ådahl och Zeng Xiao Gang fast nu står det herr och fru framför…

  6. :D Klart ni ska få se alla bilder om ni önskar. Vi kan väl bestämma en tid när vi kan sitta ner och välja ut bilder till en bildbok. Om ni skulle vilja ha det. (en sådan som man beställer över nätet och som sedan kommer färdigbunden hem på posten)

  7. Hilde says:

    Hei, Kalle!
    Fantastiske bilder!
    Deilig å ha noe å se tilbake på første dag på jobb. Hadde over 500 e-mails i innboksen da jeg kom hit i morges…

  8. Tesa, Thanks for your comment. Straight lines would be nice if they always came out perfect and nice to know there is someone else out there that fancy square format! :D

    Hilde: Thanks! :D So nice to meet you again! 500 e-mails? Sounds like spam to me! Or, are you really that popular? You should have a talk with the IT person at your workplace.

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  10. spalbird says:


    these pictures are really not bad for a bloody amateur :D . I mean they are even better than I would expect from a good wedding photographer! Thus said I like them very much, the best I have seen for some looong time :)

    P.S. If you want take 700 beautiful pictures you should take around 6000 next time… hehehehe

  11. Helena Svensson says:

    Vilka fina bilder! Jag är helt mållös. Om jag nånsin gifter mig, vill du ta bilder då också?


  12. Spalbird, hehe.. Thank you very much sir! Yeah, not sure I’m a amateur any longer but hey, I learn all the time so why not! :D

    And 6000 images, in that case I would like a MUCH bigger buffer and something like 8fps to play with! 6000 x 14MB = 84GB / 4GB = 21 full 4GB cards. cool. :)

  13. Hej Helena! Kul att du hittat till min lilla blog! Och otroligt roligt att du tycker om bilderna, men jag tror nog att jag vet varför de är så lyckade.. Det måste ju bero på den underbart vackra klänningen! Den är ju bara såå fin! Gillar speciellt tygvalet på del två, alltså den undre delen. (Jag ser ju lite mer när jag zoomar in i bilderna hehe)..

    Du kan ju sy min kostym (när det är min tur), så tar jag dina bilder!

  14. Tobbe says:

    Amazing photos Carl, looks like a nice wedding. So you did find my homepage, nice! thnx for the comment.

  15. Hilde says:

    Hei, Kalle,
    Ingen av dem var spam. Ikke er jeg spesielt populær heller. Sukk. Heldigvis måtte jeg ikke svare på alle.

  16. Chris says:

    Great shots Carl. Amazing colours!

    Looks like you all had a good time.

  17. Jonathan says:

    Riktigt fina bilder du! Färgerna blev helt underbara! Speciellt på bröllopsbilderna.

  18. Thanks Chris and Jonathan! Yeah, colors sort of just came along – probably because of the charming couple! :D

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