Food photography and bubble bottles..

Mexican coffee flan - Made by Linn, (VERY tasty)Home made ice cream, recepie by Britta Ingvarsson - This one made by Linn, (Soooo nice!!!)Linn made lots of delicious stuff yesterday and she begged me to take some shots together with her. So we did. :) We cleaned the kitchen table and used the light from the big windows and start shooting. The table is really very boring. It’s some yellow wood, not very natural feeling to it and on top it’s glossy. bha! So I tried to not show the table too much by expose all pictures + 1 or more. We did use a reflector to gain a little extra light. We tried with two lenses, the 50mm and the new 70mm. I think both performed very well. F is between 3,2 to 6,3 – all manual mode. Click each image to bring full size version. even download RAW.

I’m going to norway now for a week, so I’ll give a little extra to play with while I’m gone. If you live in Norway and would like to meet I’ll stay close to Ål (Aal), Vats, Farm Langegaard. Give me a ring at +46 734 00 17 17 – I’ll bring my cameras etc so if you wanna see me (and try equipment), please do!

Mexican coffee flan - Made by Linn, second shotCoffee nuts ball - recipe from made by Linn, crunchy! :D

  • Two food pictures as RAW file. Download now!
  • Perfume bottles in a vase

    These are taken using a halogen IKEA tablelamp. One of those nasty, strong extreamly hot small lamps you have on your desk. It’s a A3 white paper under the vase and bent up behind, with the light aimed on the paper. Shutter speed is pretty low, so a tripod is needed. around 1/20 – 1/60s at ISO100.


    About Carl Rytterfalk

    Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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    9 Responses to Food photography and bubble bottles..

    1. Tobi says:

      Wonderfull and delicate Photos. The sponn at the first Photo are made by IKEA? ;-)

      SD14 rocks!

      Greetings from Germany

    2. Hello Germany! Yes, the SD14 does indeed Rock! (Mostly Porcupine tree and some dream theater) But I think I have to get back on that spoon. :D It might be IKEA, lots of things are.

    3. Andy (dalinean/convert) Graham says:

      amazing photos with minimal equipment. I’m impressed

    4. spalbird says:

      :) :) :) … those food looks really tasty! The bubble bottles are just astonishing! Wolfgang

    5. thanks guys! :D

      Now I’m in norway, sitting in a trailer far up in the mountains. Strangely enough some people are living here with open wifi network. I was surprised. :D Todays walk has been very successful photo-wise. Will see if I can put up some kind of day one, etc gallery. not sure there is time.

    6. The Chebb says:

      Is the first photo an egg/caramel custard?(We call it flan in spanish, not too sure of the english wording except egg/caramel custard, though the japanese call it pudding) however it is called, it is delicious (I can attribute at least 10 pounds to massive consumption of that tasty treat) The photos as usual look fantastic, especailly the treats.
      Cheers & enjoy your time in Norway!

    7. Linn says:

      Hi Chebb,

      This is from Linn, Carl’s girlfriend. :)
      I just want to say that you are right! It’s coffee flan! I got the recipe from another chinese girl. I am glad that you like it, and i love it~~~~~hhhh

      From Linn

    8. Jonathan says:

      These pics are amazing.. made me hungry :) Give me the recipe linn ;)


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