[link] Interesting take on SD14 resizing.

Pawel Miszewski wrote an article over at Dpreview.com about resizing SD14 images. He currently used my public RAW files and so should you! :D But if you don’t have the time or energy to do so, read this and look at the result.


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  1. Det ser inte dåligt ut! Man frågar sig lite vad tidningen Foto hade för en kamera när de gjorde sina tester. För inte kan det ha varit en frisk SD14?!

  2. Linn says:

    i love you

  3. Per Nilsson says:

    Interesting! I tried a couple of methods myself and I think Qimage works the best. Looks less digital. Looks way better than my D70s. :)

  4. Finally after 3 weeks of reviews reading i decided to have a SD14 over its competitors at the same price category, never saw someone in Brazil with a SD14 so i could never get a “hands on”, your photos along with dense reviews shows that the camera must be really amazing, i dont know if you saw a review at Popphoto, but they removed the SD14 IR filter, to shoot amazing B&W photos, but they put it at a very low size for preview, and it was kinda inconclusive if it was really better, think u can do it? ^^ or is it kinda risky?

    Um Abraço!

  5. Well, I think I could if I had an IR filter. I don’t but maybe some of my friends in Göteborg has. So this is an open question for anyone in göteborg, ale, trollhättan etc, Please lend me an IR filter thanks! :D To be honest, I never done this before so it would be lots of fun to try!

    It’s not hard to remove the dust protection. Not even a screw these days.

    But I think that you will be very happy with the SD14. Remember to use good glass on it. It’s very important! What would be your “start up package” ?

  6. do i have to use only sigma lenses? or there are cannon lenses for it too? i was thinking about a “8mm fisheye” because i wanna try to do some Panoramas and stereografic projections, but that lens is a little expensive leaving me with about US$800,oo for other gear…

    I’ve seen stereographic projections made by some Nikon D40x, but the D40x has a bigger sensor size, so i dont know if the projections will be as good the D40x, but im sure they will be sharper.

  7. Well, depends on how much work you wanna put down. :) Most Canon lenses is easy to convert, go to http://www.dpreview.com and in the Sigma forum ask who knows what about it and you’ll get good answers. But as far as I know: You need is an old Sigma lens, and the you swap the mount with a good Canon lens. :) All things should now work as if you had a Canon camera. IS don’t work though. (optical stabilizing)

    Sigma has one 8mm, and the new DG version of it is said to be very sharp indeed and it’s cheaper than the Canon version.

    Oh, and then you have thousands of old screw, m42 mounts lenses that awaits you! There is lots of converters out there for these. Even Nikon glass is possible to convert if you have the time. :)

  8. Chris says:

    Pardon my ignorance Carl, where can I download the RAW files from?

  9. Hi Chris! Not easy to find everything. Here’s the post with SD14 RAW files:

    If there is anything you wanna find, just type it in the search field. :) in this case: RAW.

    If you want something special, you tell me. Adobe Lightroom 1.1 recommended!

  10. Chris says:

    Thanks Carl, didn’t think to use the search =]

    I’ll be having a look in Lightroom 1.1 =]

  11. He used way too much sharpening in that resizing, IMHO. That gives it a cheap look, like when tabloid-magazines upsize and horribly sharpen low-res JPG files.

    Can I do it better? That is a matter of taste. To put it in the eyes of the beholder, I had my own go at this, with the same image, using fairly standard settings in Raw Developer, the kinky high quality raw converter for the Mac platform.

    see it here:

    The aliasing / jagged edges from the camera shows through. Personally I’d prefer the image softened a bit, but maybe that’s just me.

    It’s color profile is Adobe RGB 1998, so maybe it won’t display well in browsers, so better save it and open it in Photoshop.

    The image was resized to 5000×3333 pixels, ie. 16.6 MP. Impressive huh?

    Quite interesting camera that SD 14. I’m becoming more and more impressed.

  12. Hi Oliver!

    Nice try, but you have cut the highlight almost everywhere and colors seams to be a little off.. Or should I re-calibrate?

    About sharpening. I guess it really would look ok in a magazine, but on monitor it looks a bit on the strong side, yours looks better, but I would play a little more with sharpening! What did you use to resize? As a 16.6 MP file it DOES look very very impressive.

    I never tried the Raw converter you’re talking about. Link? :D

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  14. I actually don’t know about the highlights… As stated I left the settings to default – only interested in the resizing and sharpness. However, I’ve later discovered that while RAW Developer does support the SD14, it has trouble doing so properly, assumably because of Sigma/Foveon not offering the developer a full SDK for the X3F format. It seems Adobe has been given this full SDK, as Lightroom supports the SD14 much better. A workaround for RAW Developer users is to use Adobe’s DNG converter to convert the files to DNG, and then happily using them in RAW Developer. Strangely enough but the DNG-conversion gives a much smoother result. A bit off-topic, but thought I’d mention it;-)

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