[img] Village photo session

The 24th of May I was invited to hold an open photo session for the locals in a smaller village in Sweden. To view the whole session (around 90 images) and view images in higher quality please click here: CLICK ME!

Camera: SD14
Lenses: Couple of EX.. (see gallery for info under each image)
Software: Adobe Camera RAW 4.1

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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7 Responses to [img] Village photo session

  1. spalbird says:

    Really crazy pictures. It seems not only you had fun :)

  2. Yes, we (I) had! Didn’t we?! Would be fun if any of the guys and gals on these pictures cared to comment. :D

  3. BobNL says:

    Some incredible good ideas in there… And fun is really ‘splashing’ of those faces. Wish you had more time to really develop those ideas, as well in shooting as in postprocessing. Especially those silhouette shots I liked!

  4. Fantastiska bilder Carl. Måste säga att SD14 verkligen ser minst lika bra ut i bilden som min Mamiya. Kanske är det dina kunspaer i Photoshop som ligger bakom, men det ser onekligen bra ut.

  5. Hi2you,

    Nice images and indeed lively, a fresh way of portraiting IMHO.

    One remark i like to make about the lens you use many times as your
    favorite, the 28mm.
    It change many times the shape of the face to much, a balloon effect.

    You will get really more pleasing results by using 50 or 85mm.

    Maybe it’s not 4 nothing that the 85mm is called a portraitlens ?

    Hope 2 see more of your work (maybe using my suggestion?)

    Greetings 2 all, Robert

  6. You’re right. What I could have done is correcting the roundness in photoshop. I like being close to my subjects / models and that is sort of gone if I’m standing far away. 85mm would be a 50mm lens or are you thinking in terms of 85mm x 1.7?

  7. Hi again folks,

    A 50mm gives you the 85mm needed to get portraits with less or no
    distortion, and still possible to work in not so big studio.

    A 85mm gives 145mm what is great for your eye-closeups from Lynn!

    I have them both on the F1.8 (85mm) Nikon and F1.7 (50mm) on the Sony
    A100 body’s.

    Tip: Nice to use in the evening at home when there’s only some light
    putten to get a cosy atmosphere, they autofocus always on F 1.8 and
    effectively blur disturbing livingroom-backgrounds.

    The F 1.4’s or F1.2 i would not advice because of very small DOF !
    Cost a lot more too, instead go to ASA 400 or 640-800, for all prints
    suitable BTW. (yes, also A3 !)

    Let’s not forget that an A3 you hang on the wall and you watch it
    from a distance of 3-4 meters.(as ment to be!!!)

    Anekdote: in the year 2002 when i worked as a prof. for magazines,
    i did all fotoshooting with 2 and 3.3Mp compact camera’s, all A4
    size printed glamourreportages!

    I only resizeded to approx. 200 DPI and that’s all.

    Tip2all: stop to look at images on your screens, print a few A3’s,
    frame them and hang them in your house, ohh’s and aahh’s guaranteed!

    Ok ok, last tips then otherwise it might become boring :

    Stop shoot in RAW,try JPG and get your shots good rightaway, saves a
    lot of time to spend with friends or family !

    Forget zoomlenses, take a 50mm and use your feet instead.

    Done by millions of photographers for 30 years and look please at
    there results !

    Take black tape and cover your screen on the back of your camera.

    After a few weeks every amateur become a pro !!!!!

    After 1 month bring your card rightaway to a printshop, don’t look
    at the images in the computer first.

    Think what you see and only then press the shutter.

    Put some trust in these hints, just give it a try and enjoy.

    Have a nice day !



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