Very tiny frogs – Five Macros

tiny frog

My little sister has some pets, they’re growing fast and soon their tails are gone. (or built in) so I had to take these images tonight, at least she wanted me to. So here goes. Small mini tiny frogs. Five close ups.

Camera Sigma SD14 – Lenses 50mm and 105mm Sigma Macros.

I underexposed by mistake (hard to use flash when something is this small) bounced to some paper that I asked Linn to hold and as I moved she had to move too. Not very easy. So these are much brighter than my originals. Lucky me I shoot RAW! :D

tiny frog
Look at bigger Black and White version.
tiny frog

tiny frog

tiny frog

tiny frog
Open 100% crop of this last frog. (it’s crop as above, slightly more time spent in photoshop to get it perfect).

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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11 Responses to Very tiny frogs – Five Macros

  1. Hi Carl,
    in Chile we call to this animal ” renacuajo “.
    Nice pictures.

  2. Thanks Julián! In swedish we say “Groda”.

  3. spalbird says:

    renacuajo is what we call “Kaulquappe” here in Germany according to the Babylon translation service. I looked up the word Groda as well and this means “Frosch” in German. This beautiful animal is just in the metamorphosis from renacuajo to Groda I suppose :) Again, great shots, Carl :)

  4. Jim Roelofs says:

    Hello Carl!

    I must say, your skills with this camera make you a wonderful ambasador for the Sigma/Foveon combination.

    I am also having fun in my studio, getting to know this wonderful new tool.

    Have a great day on the 11th with Lin and all your other loved ones.

    Sincere regards, JR

  5. Jim, studio is fun even if mine is one of the smaller. hehe (one flash and reflecting papers). But I wanna get some real gear from ProFoto if possible would be so much more fun! :D

  6. Spalbird, thanks for your important input :D Frosch sound much like Frog and yes, they’re very beautiful. I’m missing those colorful versions.. mm.. we don’t have those I suppose.

  7. Hi Carl

    I´ve seen your reviews of the Sigma Sd 14 on you tube, and it looks nice. But when you´re searching the net, getting info on the cam, there´s a lot of negative voices/responds on the SD 14. Nr 1: Did you or did you not get this cam for free ;-) Nr 2: Is it really that good? Nr 3: Do you know how it is comapared to Canon eos 350d or 400d?

    PS.: Hope you had a nice wedding :-)



  8. Hi Morten. I’ll try to answer your questions the best I can..

    1. I worked hard to get my SD14! Nothing comes free.

    2. It’s very good. You might need to get everything calibrated to work together first. My own equipment isn’t but it’s really all about the man behind the camera isn’t it. ;)

    3. a friend called me the other day, he had bought a Canon 400D and he thought his images looked like .. not so good .. I lent him my SD14 for a week and his response was that body was too big (I think 400D is too small) but that IQ Was so much better.

    Wedding is the day after tomorrow. And yes, it will be fun! :D It’s raining today. grrr

    Thanks for asking!

  9. Tony Södergren says:

    Hej, Carl!

    Mitt namn är Tony Södergren. Ville dels säga att jag gillar dina grodbilder dels att jag själv äger en Sigma SD-10 för främst vidvinkel- och macrofoto i dagsläget.

    Vet inte vad du tycker? Men tycker det finns både för och nackdelar med Sigma. För att nämna några fördelar kan jag nämna den fina bildkvaliteten och de relativt brusfria bilderna ända upp till ISO 1600, på min kamera i varje fall.

    Nackdelarna då? Tja, måste tyvärr säga kamerafattningen. Är tyvärr mer eller mindre omöjligt att hitta begagnade tillbehör ( objektiv med mera ) för att få ner kostnaden till ett minimum. Vet inte om du har haft samma problem. Men begagnatmarknaden är ju så gott som obefintlig på Sigma, vilket gör att man alltid tvingas köpa nytt då man behöver grejer. Synd på en annars väldigt bra kamera.

    Tänkte därför så småningom skaffa ett Canon eller Nikonhus som komplement till min Sigma i syfte att lättare komma över billiga tillbehör. Har länge funderat på den snabba ( 10 bps ) Canon D1 Mark III för snabba actionbilder på djur och fåglar – och då i kombination med ett långt ljuskänsligt tele 2 x converter.

    För man kan ju i och för sig använda två olika kameror till två olika ändamål. Sigman till vidvinkel- och macrobilder och Canon eller Nikon till snabba actionmotiv. Tyvärr kostar ju Canon D1 Mark III en del – men tror ändå att det är värt det på sikt.

  10. george says:

    Hi Carl.
    we´ve met i Malmö once, and u have showed me your fantastic Sigma camera. I am intending to buy a Sigma 70-300mm F4-5,6 DG Macro instead of canon 75-300.
    what is your opinion about my choice.
    I need your advice. I have a studio now and I take att the most portraits. (whole figures as well- I have already a 17-85 canon and I need to complete the range with a bigger zoom). I don´t know how your site functions. If you ca not answer me on this site please send your answer to
    George Issa

  11. Hi George! I remember you of course (!?) and I’m delighted to hear that you finally have a studio! (And I hope I’m welcome to try it. :)

    You’re the one that once worked as a photographer in the middle east and I saw some of your fantastic pictures from that time.

    About your lens choice I’m not sure what to say. I’m a fan of high quality glass. Such as EX and L lenses. It will pay in the long run, less work in the computer and better results for customers. There is a couple of options Sigma 100-300 EX f4, really sharp lens and then if you want quality glass for less then I suggest you go for the Sigma 50-150 EX 2.8. Really nice bokeh and perfect for weddings and studio. Sure, it’s not as long as 300mm, but for most work it’s enough I guess. Not sure when in a studio situation you need to go to 300mm. :)

    Sorry I can’t give advice regarding Canon lenses, I would go for safety and try finding a used L or get a new one.

    you can of course mail me at carl @ for more info.

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