[img] SD14 in the Studio together with 5D..

[EDIT] Movie is up!

[Edit 2008 | 1 | 23 – Now I look at these shots and I can clearly see that with todays software (both SPP 2.3 and RD 1.72) I could make better developments. So if you happen to download these are RAW – don’t be surprised if they look better! :D /Edit]

I went to Denmark yesterday invited by the Danish photographer Alroe to record my third “review” of the SD14. This time in his studio. It will take a couple of days to finish the movie but until then I want you to see some of the resulting images that came out and in full size and possibly soon as downloadable RAW files. (depends if you’re able to use a decent raw converter. ;)

This is what the Setup looks like at Bo's studio. You will see more when we show the video.

I must say that I’m very happy and very satisfied with the result of our shoot. mr Alroe is using a Canon 5D with L lenses and that made this shoot a little more interesting. Now, we don’t want you to kill your eyes with pixel peeping so we didn’t take “exactly” the same shots, maybe next time. I’ve heard that Sigma SD14 images are too sharp and might hurt your eyes.

Last in this article you can read some more about my inital 5D feelings. I was using the latest firmware 1.01 for my SD14 and it’s a GREAT update. Colors of the LCD is now very nice and speed is also improved. It’s overall a better feeling doing photography with it. Many of these studio shots are shot at ISO200 BY MISTAKE! But, Bo also did on his 5D so for the sake of review it’s a good thing. But I’m sure result would be even more impressive using ISO100. Now over to some of my images.

One more thing. Lenses used was 30mm, 28mm, 70-200 and 50mm Sigma EX lenses. My ABSOLUTE favorite in the studio was the 28mm, it just nailed focus all the time and it’s very “correct”.

Added some slight underwater tone to make it look cooler.blue/cyan is desaturated some. to bring more monochrome feeling.

Download 8bit TIFF version of above image. Untouched.Right click and hit “saved linked file..” or something like that..

Not perfectly sharp but the overall feeling is really nice.Kind of boring to have so many shots of the same thing so here is a BW version with a TriX atmosphere. black background is nice sometimes. Image has slight back focus so no full size to the people. this is what the RAW file looks like if you do NOTHING. This one was ISO100! Yoohoooooo!This is first shot with white background. I like white better than black.

Now, you wonder, how do you like the 5D? Well, in short. It’s a nice camera that feels a big clumsy and not as easy to operate. The viewfinder is just ENORMOUS! Oh, how much I envy that one. The LCD on the 5D isn’t good at all, not showing anything useful really. You need to open the photo in the computer or read the histogram to really know anything.

Image quality? It’s lots and lots of detail on the 5D’s images. BUT you need to be quite aggressive with sharpening in order to get anything sharp (for a Sigma user at least) and things start to look digital when making bigger.. When it comes to colors I’m puzzled. It really really looks like canon has a “skin tone detector” that tries to make every skin look the same or at least pleasing. It has some reddish / magenta feeling. Linn has yellowish tone compared to me, it’s more obvious if you see us together but the Canon do NOT tell the true story.

Shutter. hehe. The 5D has a cool shutter sound that probably is from the 70’s. The Sigma is whispering beside it. In a church I would be almost afraid of using the 5D, I was with my SD9/10.

AF and buffer is much better on the 5D, not sure about AF accuracy (Alroe did get some “off focus shots” and so did I), but speed. It would be nice to have bigger buffer on the SD14. Sigma Listen! BUT at NO time during our session I had full buffer or even close. Mostly due to the fact that flashes can’t recharge and that you rarely take more than 4-5 shots in fast succession. It’s another story outdoors where bigger buffer is more important.I know that Alroe will show some of his images over at the dpreview Canon forum (some really nice ones of Linn) and I’m sure you will be impressed by the quality. But my own feeling is still there:

I’m using film, he’s using a digital camera.

Go deeper:

Alroes post at dpreview Canon forum
Alroes flickr page with 5D images from this shoot
My post at the Sigma dpreview Forum
Sigma RAW package-download
Mike Chaney’s SD14 vs 5D resolution comparison (a bit technical)
slightly overexposed hand but hey, it's a WHITE BALANCE SHOT! :D

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Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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25 Responses to [img] SD14 in the Studio together with 5D..

  1. Filip U. says:

    Must be nice to work with real lightning in a studio…

  2. Spalbird says:

    I am very surprised about your studio shots. Beside all the stuff regarding the 5D and SD14 again you made Linn looking very great, just like a real model. I am not interested in pixel peeping because what I saw from my friends 5D resolution is stunning but skin tones … skin looks always very similar with the 5D, in realitiy it is not.



  3. Hi Spalbird. What made you surprised? I didn’t go there to test it against his 5D but to spend time with a fellow photographer and to use a Studio (I really should get my own). :) But we did have a great time and it feels a little better maybe knowing that my SD14 really performs well.

    Thanks for comment.

  4. Anton says:

    The Ring…
    looks really nice. :) I assume yours looks similar?
    Nice shots bud!
    Lenhovda is ALMOST ‘en route’ to Denmark right?
    Feel welcome to drop by at any time!


  5. It does! And I’m sooo much longing for Lenhovda! We’re coming in a not too distant future, I’m missing your kids, your yard, your air and about everything out there. Keep that coffee warm! :D

  6. Danny H says:

    Awesome. Every time I see shots from this camera I am always amazed by the colour. Just noticed that you have posted some RAW samples above this one. When I get home from work I’ll be downloading them and the RAW converter for some serious hands on testing.

    Great work.

    Danny H.

  7. Tell me when you’re home, you need a decent raw converter and maybe I can help. :)

  8. BobNL says:

    Nice feeling isn’t it, shooting SD14 in studio? I think the camera really shines there. The tonality range especially is incredible. I also shot with the 5D in the studio and share most of your opinions on it. What I really didn’t like about the 5D shots was that even at iso100 dark parts do have noise (problems). Try pulling it up in a RAW converter and it becomes very ugly, very fast…

    Now I’m back to processing some of the 50GB I accumulated with O in the past 3 weeks… So if you can’t find me… I’m probably hidden under some pile of X3F’s ;)

    And kisses to your beautiful model!

  9. It does, and especially after the last firmware update. I bought one of those QPcards today with the color checker (nr 201). Got a mail from them today and I felt an unsatisfied urge to see if it could do something to my images (not sure I need) anyhow I found that the maker was 30km from where I lived so I went there and bought a set of color checker thingi as well as their WB card (nr 101). Will be interesting to find out if result differs.

    Nice to hear you have work to do! Anything interesting?

  10. Chunsum Choi says:

    nice work Carl. I am waiting for the video version.

  11. dir1024 says:

    HI Carl. I’m doing my fotos in AdobeRGB. Tell me how SD14 work in this colour space ?
    *sorry for bad english :)


  12. Hi Dir1024!

    If you plan to shoot in JPEG then you can select AdobeRGB or sRGB in the camera, and if you plan to do RAW (recommended) then it’s up to you to save in whatever format that you later choose. (sRGB, AdobeRGB or AppleRGB)

    In programs such as Photoshop you can assign / convert to other colors space as needed.

    There is no end to the possibilities! :)

  13. Paul says:

    There seems to be some confusion to colorspace when shooting the SD14 in RAW mode. The camera will revert to sRGB each time the camera is turned off. The question is – is the SD14 assigning a colorspace when using RAW mode or is the colorspace assigned when converting to tiff format? What is Sigma’s position on this?

  14. Hi Paul!

    Yes, that apparently is an annoying bug that JPEG shooters will be bothered by.  For all others this would never be a problem, we, shoot RAW and the RAW is RAW, the color-space is chosen afterwords in the conversion software. (Sigma photo pro, Lightroom, Camera RAW etc)

    I’m not a tech expert but I’m quite sure I’m correct about this. :)

  15. The Chebb says:

    Hi Carl,
    Excellent as always! Took the SD14 on a holiday (vacation for us yankees!) to mainland Japan…it didn’t fail me…of course my skills are another matter – it’s a great camera and the shots of Linn are just breathtaking!
    Well done and congratulations to you 2 lovebirds!

  16. Wally Newell says:

    I’ve been waiting to make my assessment of the SD14 and as far as I’m concerned it’s a winner. It appears that they’ve made a serious investment in R&D to actually become viable as a camera manufacturer, which makes me happy. I’m slowly saving for mine now and wish I could have gotten it yesterday!

    Best to you and Lin,


  17. Cliff. Johnston says:


    Very interesting, to say the least. Lovely images from the SD14. Now if Sigma can just tweak the software a wee bit more… :-) Thanks for your efforts too.


  18. Hi Wally, yes, I think so too! It’s a great tool and as with everything else it’s what you make it, and for me, It’s the best camera in the world! :D

  19. spalbird says:


    I was surprised you got great shots again and this soooo seamless. Thats all. Who cares about the 5D? – I don’t. :D

  20. Anton! I have my 30th birthday on friday!!! can you come?! :D

  21. MSWH says:

    Hello Carl,

    first ive to say that those are wonderful pictures !!

    my question is how did you focused with the 28mm , MF or AF ? and where did you focused on ?



  22. Hi Merlijn!

    yes I used manual focus on that lens. Now talking with you on Skype, so you know. :)

  23. Jason Durham says:

    Hi Carl,

    I came across your site whilst searching for reviews on the SD14. Saw your video reviews on youtube for the SD14, and followed your link you gave out in the third review. I already have the SD9 which i purchased when released. Didn’t think the upgrade from SD9 – SD10 was worth it but now the SD14 is here i’ve just got to have one. Tried one out at my local camera store yesterday (9th June 07), unbelievable, shutter is so quiet, better user interface and those images, to die for. I took my SD9 in and took some shots outside the shop with both my lenses and both cameras, and the same shots so i could compare the quality. Amazed by the results and never realised i was shooting in ISO 400 on the SD14. The photos of your friends car are outstanding and my favourite is the one with the graffiti behind it. Top class work, i will be visiting this site again so keep up the good work. Cheers

    All the best
    Jason Durham

  24. Hi Jason!

    It’s an amazing camera, especially for us SD shoters but also for people used to “bayern” sensors. :) The jump from SD9 should be one of the biggest, even if I like the SD9 look better than the SD10 look.

    Thanks for your comment Jason! Always welcome.

    // Carl

  25. Brigitte Nielsen says:

    Hello…Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts ! it was a great Monday

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