[link] SD14 at a wedding..

I’m an old timer when it comes to SD cameras. My first was the SD9 back in 2002 and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s not always been an easy ride, as my fellow Sigma-friends can assure but when focus and light has been perf you have an outstanding image that somehow speaks to the heart in a different way then a “bayern” image do. More analog if you like. It’s a little like the apple / pc thing, we Sigma people tend to really love our tool and the Sigma company. It’s a life style.

Now, I had the opportunity to work with the SD14. The first edition I had was before Photokina 2006, but after I used it for a week or two I had a big problem to go back to my older SD cameras. My web page has slowly died too, reason?. The SD14 is so much more. Handling, speed, AF, low-light performance, batteries etc etc. Even the vertical grip that will come out is extremely nice – The overall build quality is now so much more pro and balanced.

If you wanna compare it to the big guys, this Sigma is more like a Nikon.

Now, these images that I wanna show to you are developed using a modified old Sigma Photo Pro software. The SPP 2.2 (Mac version). The SPP 3.0 would maybe produce even better result. If you think they look a bit on the warm side that’s done by me, I want wedding shots warm and cozy.

Read more over at Sigma forum at Dpreview.

And yes, My favorite lens is still the 30mm EX 1.4. Click to see wedding shots.
SD14 wedding shoot

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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14 Responses to [link] SD14 at a wedding..

  1. waterlike says:

    nice pictures. Is the SD14 so good in low light? i can`t believe it, when i process the pictures in SPP 2.1.

    And is it your sister that married? som siters left, as i could read……

    very beautiful girl!

    Thank for sharing

  2. Øyvind Str&os says:

    Great shots, Carl.

    The best SD-14 shots so far.

  3. Waterlike .. stop doing that, you're ruin everything beautiful.. I used a old SPP 2.2 but with the new engine, an engine that knows how to deal with the finer grain and better coloristic of these new RAWs..

    :) It's all good..

  4. Thanks Øyvind Strøm.. Now, go get yours!

  5. Ivo says:

    Nice pictures, thank you for sharing.
    On a side note, I wish Sigma provided freely downloadable RAW files and the (new/updated) SPP as they did during the model life of SD9/10.

    Happy shooting (in warmer weather) '~)

  6. thechebb says:

    Excellent as always Carl, I can't wait to get my mitts on the SD14 hopefully on sale soon here in Japan! Congratulations to your sister!

  7. Thanks all! :) It's a great camera! And 30mm 1.4 has a wonderful length. Not sure of other classic photographers but I like it.

    Ivo, spalbird. I guess you both would like a RAW to play with. :) When the SPP 2.2 is available for public download then I might do that.

  8. Hi Carl ,

    thanks for showing pics taken by the new SD14 . The new camera seems promising enough . It seems that Sigma has finally filled the gap as far as hardware is concerned (focusing , bad light capability etc.) . Picture quality has further increased too , as far as I can see from your pics . Mind , I was going to switch to Canon , but I will now surely stick with Sigma . It was a picture of yours ( the violinist ) which made me buy the Sigma years ago also. The pictures of the bride are fantastic . Totally convincing .

    I attach a link to my Sigma pictures . Have a look if you have got time . Rgds Volker

  9. Karin says:

    Jättefina bilder!
    Här är lite kommentarer (utifrån en bröllopsfotografs perspektiv – alltså utan att ta hänsyn till vilken kamera du använde)
    1 – underbar komposition! vilken blick!
    6 – kul spegelbid och faktiskt kul att du inte beskurit den (som jag säkert hade gjort automatiskt)
    10 – en otroligt fin porträttbild! syns inte alls på denna bilden hur kallt det var!
    15 – kul focuserat! inte sett den vinkeln innan!
    20 – skulle vara kul att se orginalet!

  10. Karin, hehe.. du hittade hit! Ville verkligen höra vad du tyckte (lite nervöst :)

    Alltså, det är så originalet ser ut, det är inte något gjort mer än att jag finjusterat i RAW-programmet som Sigma skickar med kameran. (SPP 2.2) Jag kan ge dig RAW så snart SPP är fritt att ladda ner. 3an kommer ut snart.

    Tack för alla fina kommentarer om resten.

  11. Tony Peng says:

    Carl, really really nice pics. your images really got me tempted for a SD14 to replace my old D30. My only concern is SD series cameras is known to have this so called yellow cast on human skin. I noticed the presence of this yellow in some of wedding shot. Can you comment on how difficult it is to deal with this issue? Thanks. Great work!

  12. Elana says:


    Wow wow wow vad kul att se bilderna!! Det var också en tröst att se alla “före”-bilder, eftersom jag inte hade möjlighet att vara med… Måste även berömma dig supermycket för den svartvita bryggbilden med Linn. Jaaa, jag kikade runt lite : )

  13. Nicholas Spies says:

    Charming pictures that make one feel as if the viewer had been invited to wedding. Very nice work!

  14. Tony, sorry for late answer. Yellow skin can be difficult in pictures like these. And only under difficult light never with outdoor (except when you didn’t white-balance properly or something like that) But it’s also easy to fix in Photoshop with a yellow hue shift. :)

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