[img] Full SD14 image – take a closer look.

Processed with Sigma Photo Pro 2.2. No photoshop retouching involved. Converted from AppleRGB to sRGB. I used the Sigma 30mm 1.4, and it’s a very sharp lens, in the center. :) I auto focused on her eyes. Read more at Dpreview Sigma forum thread.

[EDIT] Btw, She has green eyes, can you see that? :D Open up in Photoshop and ZOOOOOM! It’s worth it!
SD14 Full

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. Derk says:

    Very nice image.
    Quite incredible really. It is like she is looking at me instead of the other way around. Did not have that before with an image

  2. Gary, I was one of the happy few that had the camera for some time and we had to have some software to use for picture developement and that's why I still use the SPP 2.2. And, that I use a Mac and the mac version of SPP will come a bit later. I have some Alpha version that is cool, but no save function. :) And only in Japanese. :D

  3. gary mercer says:

    Lets see, that 30 mm 1.4 would equal about a 51mm in 35mm film format. Henri Cartier- Bresson, the master photography, only shot with a 50mm lense. You are following in his footsteps. Great lens. Gary

  4. spalbird says:

    A very very beautiful picture, concratulations!

  5. Chuck Lantz says:

    "Open up in Photoshop and ZOOOOOM!"

    Nahhh! Just left-click in Windows XP and ZOOOM! …much easier, and much cheaper.

    Great shot, Carl!

    And please tell your buddies at Sigma to get that SD14 on the trucks, pronto, so I can start burning up some pixels.


  6. Franz, I might do that. But I'll have to check with Sigma first.. The camera I use don't have the last hardware change that Kazuto wrote about so my images are not optimum from a RAW perspective. :) Which is good news for everyone. :)

  7. Chuck Lantz.. That would first only zoom you in to 100% and you would not see much.. Second, colors would pop a little more when opened in Photoshop. :)

    At least I think.

  8. thechebb says:

    Hi Carl,
    Fantastic photo with that Foveon Pop that is so pleasing. Gary Mercer hit it right on the head about Henri Cartier-Bresson and you…I feel that vibe as well…in the footsteps of giants you stride.

  9. KlausRademaker says:

    Hi Carl, that is a great shot! Pleasant portrait of that young woman, looking so vividly.
    Guess the SD14 helped, but I think it is you, your skills, when shooting portraits, that make this picture a photograph.

  10. thechebb / KlausRademaker.

    Thanks! :D

  11. hello Carl

    as a collegue I humble give you my respects. your aproach is remarquebal. so the result.
    but I´m now finding a upgrade to my Nikon D1X and D70. A question: does that photo come like that from the camera? all that contrast latitude?

    thank you
    Fernando Colaço

  12. Hi Fernando!

    Well, the lens I often use is the 30mm 1.4 which by default has black pretty much starting at 0. It's very contrasty. If you don't agree with the amount it's easy to change in the RAW converter.

    Did I understand your question correct?

    BTW, when I developed these images I used my powerbooks LCD and I today saw them on a Dell 2407 and my images just popped with lots of colors and contrast. If I used that one my approach would be different. Maybe I did a little too much?! Possible.

    Thanks for your comment, feel very free to ask more.

  13. Peter Imre says:

    I have to say just this:
    Pure Magic! Both the picture and the "Angel" on it.
    And it is difficult to decide which one have more influence on me… Hi.

    By Peter

  14. Tore B. Krudtaa says:

    Have a question regarding this image and the portrait or your grandma….

    How much sharpening have you applied to the images in Sigma Photo Pro 2.2?

    Would be nice if you could post both this image as well as the close up portrait of your grandma side by side with the non-processed images?

    Looks like Foveon sensor has a bright future :-)

    (At the moment I'm drooling over the possibilities to see a Nikon (good for me since I allready have some Nikon glass) or Canon body with a 1.3X (or larger) Foveon sensor within….. a 1.3X sensor would double the number of effective pixels compared to the Foveon sensor currently used in SD14 … bye bye bayer sensor…)

  15. Yves says:

    I have tested two times the Sigma SD14. I was bringing so much hope to this new camera according to very high quality og the pictures posted on the official Sigma internet site.

    … and unfortunatly I was so disappointed by the quality of those I have taken myself. Even if in normal light the pictures are very good with a lot of details, in the dark appear a lot of noise in the form of mauve/purple pixels (even straight spots …)

    Sigma said it is an issue on some cameras which will be corrected by a firmeware update.

    Now I am assailed by the doubt. Do you have the definitive arguments to restore my confidence ???

    Thanks in advance


  16. Anonymous says:


  17. I’m sorry, my word-press (software that my website is built upon) didn’t tell me some of you answered.

    Tore: Mail me (or anyone of you) and I’ll send you the RAW for your own evaluation. It’s pretty much untouched. Not sure if I even applied any sharpening. Maybe some at the eyelashes.

    Yves: I’ve used Sigma SD cameras since they came back in 2002 and sure, that might help me get better results. But I’m sure if you’re a good photographer that knows how to develop then I’m also sure you will get so much better results than most other systems.

    To be honest with you, I mostly drive my camera in “P” mode, that means automatic. Some times I manually set white balance but most of the time I set it at cloudy and then work in the SPP software to find that perfect color. If I’m unable to be satisfied I use a little bit of photoshop.

    I’m also sure Yves that Sigma will come out with several firmware upgrades in the future, there is much improvements that can be made. But much of that is related to JPEG’s and LCD output as well as speed.

    And lastly to Anonymous: haha, is that because of my sister or IQ?! :D

  18. Yves says:

    Thank you for the answer Carl. But my have bought the new Fuji S5 Pro with two lenses : one sigma 18-50/F2.8 and one Sigma 50-150/F2.8 and I am very happy with this equipment.
    If you have an e-mail I can send you some part of test pictures which show those mauve/purple noise in the shadows, which seems not to be the case with your camera.
    Anyway I woulf congratualte you for the pictures on your blog. they are absolutly magnificent !!!
    I have just followed a training for studio photo and now I want to buy a new lens with a fix focal. I hesitate between two lenses :
    Sigma 30mm/F1.4 (45mm with my camera) and Nikon 50mm/F1.4 (75mm for my camera). What is your advise ?
    Thank you in advance for your answer. please visit my web site :

  19. Hi Yves!

    First: I’m sure you gonna love the S5 Pro, good luck with it!

    Second, both lenses you have is really nice, especially the 50-150 is brilliant for portraits etc. When it comes to fix-focals the 30mm is really good and would give you more room in the picture, better for street photography (easier to handhold) but the 50 1.4 Nikon is also very nice, I use one version on my SD14 as well, although the older one and it’s not bad. Maybe it would be nice to have at least ONE Nikon lens on your Nikon body! :D

    I will visit your web, now I’m currently finalizing the studio movie and soon I will upload to youtube. Lot’s of cutting! .. grr..

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