Two moose and one Linn

On the way home from our oceanic trip we saw two young moose and stopped to see if we could get close enough for a photo (wanted to use my 30mm at F1.4 because this was after sunset but had my 70-200 on, you know, maybe I at least could get something). But this was about the closest we got. The girl you see is Linn.

plus; they ran away as soon as Linn started to sound like a cow. I ran too.

Sigma SD9, ISO400, 70-200 EX processed using Lightroom.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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13 Responses to Two moose and one Linn

  1. Linn says:

    i like this picture a lot!
    very nice colour with a strange feeling, just like our favorite Japanese cartoon movie. “a green elf from nature” :)i wonder if i didn’t have that green coat, it still looks the same? and actually, it’s quite funny that i had a interesting pose and we stayed like a triangle!

    by the way, Carl, i didn’t sound like a cow~~~~! i am sure you made a mistake. i did sound like a moose!:)

  2. haha.. Yes, you’re right, you sounded like a Moose. A dying moose. ;) Have I seen that one?! was that the one with the kid on the Elks back?

  3. thechebb says:

    "they ran away as soon as Linn started to sound like a cow. I ran too."

    BWHAHAHAHAHA….that's pretty funny though with my luck I would sound like moose and they would come to me thinking it was a mating call….

  4. hehe.. She was hoping they would do the same with her sound! :D

  5. WindInYews says:


    That is is really nice picture, for sure. Beautiful colours.

    I am imagining this sound…and Carl's running from it…. ;)

    Also thinking of 'talking' to the seals along the coastline, as 'someone' likes to do…!

  6. Spalbird says:

    Now I learnt a new word – moose – but I read it as "mouse" first which is almost impossible as women are famous for being afraid of mice! Wow – what a talented girl friend who can communicate in the difficult to learn moose language. Is it to much to ask Linn for sending me her moose sound voice-mail as I never saw nor heard something exotic like this :) Keep on posting strange pictures – I am loooking for them :)

  7. Elin says:

    Kalle .. När ska vi modella? Är jättesugen på vilda strapatser, har varit så stillsam det senaste året, haha. Elin

  8. Filip U. says:

    I am actually wondering in What Direction Carl ran. Away or towards Linn?

    If it sounded horrible he might've run but what if the sound woke up some wild urges so he ran towards her?

    I'm sure that this will interest Insp. Jacques Clouseau and his undieing quest for truth and justice…


  9. Erik Kempe says:

    Vackra färger, härlig komposition, blir riktigt jaktsugen :)
    Tack för tipset om serialbox, vilken befrielse. Hur har det gått med svenskt medborgarskap till Linn?
    Mvh Erik K

  10. Jaktsugen.. hehe.. Kom inte hit bara! :D Vi vill ha våra älgar i fred. Men det går bra för Linn, hon har ju uppehållstillstånd sedan länge och nästa steg är medborgarskap men det dröjer tills om ca fem år. (tror det är någon regel om det där… )

    Förlåt, klart du får komma hit. Men du kan jaga fisk eller nått.. :)

  11. Chunsum says:


    Nice shot and I can't imagine Linn sounding like a COW.

  12. jack says:

    Hi, Carl,

    We havn't see you for long time. We and other Chinese friends miss you a lot. Pls keep in toucn with us.

    If possible wellcome you two come back China again.

    With best wishes,

    Your nice friend,


  13. Aleksandra says:


    Hej det var längesen nu, vilken bild! jag blev tvungen att hitta din hemsida igen för jag vill fortsätta se dina bilder. hur har ni det du och Linn, hälsa till Linn! vad har ni för er förutom Köln och älgar?

    jag ska titta vidare

    jag försöker göra filmer och önskar att jag vore lika digitalt kunnig som du

    Kramar från kina-Aleks

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