Ocean pictures | 17 of them..

Yesterday I went to a place not very far from home (about an hour drive) to find pictures with a nice oceanic touch. When you look at these images, remember this: They’re all taken with the SD9, all hand held and all given very little time in lightroom. And no time in photoshop. I can clearly see that there is way to many dirt spots from my 12-24 but I just don’t care right now. Enjoy them as they are! :D

Camera: Sigma SD9
Lenses: Sigma 30mm EX, 12-24 EX and 70-200 EX.

Alright, any comments?

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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31 Responses to Ocean pictures | 17 of them..

  1. Gregoire says:

    I see only one very beautiful image. There’s 17 more? Where?

  2. Gregoire says:

    Oh sorry, didn’t read carefully. They’re coming. Can’t wait :D

  3. hehe, was about to tell you. Just came back from my little trip and will now present my images. It will take some time.. I don’t have a very easy way of doing this. Flickr could be better.

  4. Emilio says:

    Hey Carl!

    First three were my favorites. They really catch the eye!


  5. Wally Newell says:


    I enjoy these images very much, as you continue to demonstrate the high quality images the Sigma SDx is capable of. I especially like the lighting on your girl-friend.

  6. Linn says:

    Carl, it’s very nice pictures!
    blue and green just stay in front of my eyes even i don’t look at them. i took some pictures too but not so many good one~~~:( i hope one day i can get some nice shots like yours!

    from Linn

  7. Thanks Wally, :) I’ll tell her you liked the picture of her. She will be very pleased.

  8. Jim Kofron says:


    Great selection of photographs! I love the people photos, and the lavendar/heather (can’t quite id it) shots are nice as well.

    I just got back from the ocean myself, and am trying to work up the pictures. It was a different flavor of green down there…

  9. Jim, please post a link to yours so I can see them. (your ocean pictures) And thanks for your comment. :)

  10. Jim Kofron says:


    A couple dolphin pictures that I’ve put up. The rest will have to wait…



  11. Hank H says:

    Very nice… I liked especially the netting on the docks

  12. Olga says:

    Carl, again amasing selection of great images. The light, the colours, DOF are just perfect. Thank you very much for letting us see this beauty through your eyes and heart.


  13. thechebb says:

    Great shots and I must echo Wally, the Linn pix's got a great vibe to it!

  14. Gregoire says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous. I'm blown away. I love the colors, the shallow DOF, the framing: everything!

  15. Olga, thanks. :) I'm happy you like it.. You and the rest of the gang (anyone interested) should come here and go with me to places like this. It's so easy to find great photos.

  16. Gregoire, I so much hope that when you get that lens back (the 30mm) it's just as perfect as mine. And when that happens you will go out there and take lots of nice looking pictures. :) Promise me!

  17. WindInYews says:

    Gregoire, looks like you did some nice things for your students in Thailand. They seem pretty happy for it….

    Kind regards,


  18. Hank, that one is especially nice at full size. Mail me if you like to see anything at 100% :)

  19. Gregoire says:

    Well thanks Clive. I hope you're right ;)

    Carl, I e-mailed the Sigma people telling them I was working for BK Magazine and preparing a shoot for the Airport Authority of Thailand and bla bla bla, to get, you know, a little bit of special attention. It worked. I got a call back from the head technician of Sigma Thailand and he was very very kind if a bit perplexed. He says my lens worked fine on his Canon 350D, the exact same camera I have. Well, I can tell a blurry picture when I see one, so one of us must be crazy! We're meeting Monday morning and I'll tell you how that goes.

  20. Spalbird says:

    I like #12 the picnic. Although the 30mm should give a normal perspective at the SD10 the head in the left corner seems to be distorted to me and this is what I like.

  21. To Spalbird: hehe first of all I used SD9 during this shoot. Second that photo was taken with my 12-24 @ 12mm (and F11). It's extreme wide angle so a bit distortion is cool. :)

    But I like wide too.. it's gives a special feeling to groups.

  22. Sven says:

    Absolutely stunning! Swedish summer at its best! You're so hot right now.. (Zoolander quote..)

  23. Sven.. what can I say, Thanks! :P

  24. Gregoire, please keep me posted on your lens issue.

  25. jack says:

    Hi, Carl,

    I've looked your photos. I like them very much. If you but you and your g-friend picture in is more better, I guess.



  26. Hi Jack! I really miss you, Simson, and all the rest.. Please tell them this address when you talk to them next time. maybe they forgotten.. :) I hope that one day I can afford to bring all of you here, at least for a month or two.. Nothing could be better.

    // Please send email with all known mobile number that you know to friend in China that I know. :) – I reinstalled my phone again.. :(

  27. Gregoire says:

    Thanks for your concern, Carl.

    Unfortunately, Sigma Bangkok doesn't know how to fix my lens. It has a severe front-focusing issue. Reading threads on dpreview, this is apparently extremely common for this lens. This lens is such a good idea, and seems so nice when it works, why was Sigma apparently so sloppy with their quality control?

    I might get the lens back in a month. Obviously, I'm upset.

    Looks like you won't see any of my pics with it any time soon.

  28. WindInYews says:

    Gregoire, maybe you can get them to send the lens to Sigma Japan.

    This seems very common for problem cases at Sigma in Europe and US.

    I think the larger company's attitude is very positive for customers and service, and they seem not to make things expensive either.

    If locals won't help you, perhaps a phone or email to Sigma Japan?

    Good fortune on it,

  29. Gregoire says:

    Oh I didn't have to phone Japan. They waited for Japan to look at my pics and tell them what to do next, send it to Japan or just hand it back to me saying it was fine. That pissed me off because it was obvious the lens was NOT fine. In any case, Japan agreed with this and the lens is now on its way to the land of the rising sun.

  30. Thanks David! :) I wave a little with my Sigma to you my friend. BTW, incase you didn't know, the SD14 is just won der ful.

    Photokina is fun.

  31. Tveten says:


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