A horse and a brother.

Me and my brother went for a little ride today, trying to find a place for a multi exposure shot of him climbing all over the place. In our search for a good spot we found this horse. When we took the picture, pretty far away from civilization, the owner came out wanting to talk. And this he did. about everything and nothing. About an hour later we found our selfs almost washed away and drained in water and home we returned. So my next picture is from that last part.

For horse image I used The SD10 and Sigmas 70-200 EX (old version) and for that other from inside the car I used Sigmas 12-24 EX. Both very nice lenses.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. thechebb says:

    Great shots! Great horse story!
    I had something similar happen to me last night. Went out to this villiage end of summer get together…traditional dances, Karate demonstrations, etc…I was shooting like a madman when this Japanese gentlemen who spoke perfect English came up to me and started talking about everything from politics to state of digital technology (I exagerate a bit) needless to say by the time he was over-the event was over. Perhaps when someone asks if I’m American…next time maybe I’ll say I’m Swedish ;)


  2. haha, yet another great story. Not so sure the last bit about Sweden would work, I tried it.. ;) They’ll start talking about IKEA, ABBA, Volvo/Saab, Sony Ericsson, Hasselbladh, Hans Blix, social welfare etc etc..

    Thanks for your comment. :) Nice night reading.

  3. BobNL says:

    ha ha, you did forget the meatballs in your list!

  4. enough is enough.. meatballs you get at IKEA!

  5. WindInYews says:

    Hehe…meatballs is a good one ;).

    And nice to know those Ikeas are ‘swedes-taking-over-the-world, even groceries’ — I have not yet been in one.

    Carl, that is an interesting kind of horse, looking somehow related to Icelandic ponies. Though Halldor will remind us how handsome those are…this one looks like it has been enjoying rolling for a ‘bath’ ;)

    Have a look at Linn’s weblog again when you can find the minute – I commented something technical you can help with the photograpy.

    Looking forward to the ‘climbing all over multi-shot’ of Sven, if it comes out.

  6. IKEA is a wonderland of well designed cheap (read not expensive) things that you have to put together yourself.. Food is a very small part of it. :)

  7. WindInYews says:

    Yes, I know about this first part — just giving you trouble on the second ;)

  8. Erik Kempe says:

    Hej Calle! Vet inte riktgt om du kommer ihåg mig, hälsade på Kunming under våren och kände Rakel som varit där tidigare.
    Har i alla fall blivit lite inspererad av din prylmani och köpt mig en MacBook, du skulle väl också uppdatera?
    En fråga då oss macar emellan, vad hette det program du använde för att generera en massa serial keys? o var kan jag hitta det?

    Hoppas livet flyter fram även i landet långt borta.
    Mvh Erik Kempe

  9. hehe.. Serial box heter det, och google är din vän. Testa tex http://www.serialz.to/serialbox.html kan funka. Avsäger mig allt ansvar. ;)

    Kul att du tittar förbi. Kommer att posta lite nya bilder under dagen, så häng kvar.

  10. Linn says:

    Hi Carl,
    the horse looks very cool!
    i like its hair cut a lot :)

    the second picture gives me a
    special feeling that Sven is
    gonna save the world!:)

    thank you for teaching me
    how to use photoshop!

  11. Sven is going to save the world?! haha.. I’m going to print it big and give him.. :D Thanks, the horse is probably very old. What do you think?! I’m guessing about a hundred years or so. Maybe even two.

  12. Linn says:

    two hundred years? that’s too old, you don’t think so?
    at least i dont hope so! it’s more easy to die than to
    have a lonely life without any families or friends. but
    i don’t know the horse world:)
    yap, he is gonna save the world but my little turtle
    somehow makes this hero a little bit funny!

  13. I wonder if anyone notice the little turtle.

  14. BobNL says:

    Ha ha, the lovers communicate via the blog :D Good to hear from you Linn!

    Carl, of course that is sooooooo obvious… now you mention it ;)

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