Pearl book | in progress.. [edit]

[edit] Something is not right.. Right now colors are too saturated and I will see if I can find why. Before everything was too pale, not it’s the opposite. Strange indeed. Color spaces can be tricky to get right. :)

[old] Been working hard all day with my RAW’s on a good monitor. So now, colors should be improved. A few images are not touched and a few spreads are new. Feel free to take a look at 21 fresh spreads and feel free to comment.

Camera: Sigma SD10 Lens: Sigma 30mm EX and 105mm EX Photographer / book design: Me Me Me Model: Liu Dong Yun aka Linn Pearl designer: Helena Sjolin

PS. I want each spread to be standing on it’s own, as a poster or something. So, the logo has to be EVERYWHERE. :) And there is no front page yet (no cover).


And as a chocking ending.. [Updated]

Feel free to comment about anything. :) Oh, order is NOT decided yet.. :)

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. WindInYews says:

    Well, order may not be decided, but it is looking pretty good, to say the least ;).

    Among the other things also…

    Carl, this is really something, in my eyes anyway. Places I might comment, I then think, no, I know why he did that, and like it. Often, quite like it.

    There are a lot of ‘wows’.

    May it do as well as it looks, for everyone involved.

    Kind regards,


  2. Clive! Thanks for your kind Wow comment and thanks for your logos. It’s been an interesting ride in the world of fonts!

    I will for now keep the one we have, I will show her the different suggestions (or a selected bunch, I have so many now from everywhere) but my guts tells me that what I have now is better.

    ie. Take a look at the logo as it gets smaller and smaller. What do you see?! You don’t see “design” first. (as you might think) you see “collamin” as the first readable word. I think that is the most important, the message gets there and it’s no real question about readability or anything like that. And it’s balanced too, even if I might consider taking away the .com

    Now, back to re rest of the book.. Of the 21 spreads you see above, about half will be partly redesigned or changed a bit. I love it to see like on a web like this, gives me a very good overview for further adjustments. And if I can share something at the same time, then I’m happy.

    // Carl

  3. Oh, Size is 156mm wide and 181mm high.

  4. Sven says:

    Grymt sköna bilder och upplägget är fantastiskt! Njöt av varenda bild,
    verkligen fint hur du lyckas framhäva smycket i varje enskild bild! :-)


  5. Linn says:

    i don’t know what i should say,carl.
    they look greaeaeaeaeaeat!
    i like the first one, seconed, 3,4,5,6,7….
    some of my favourate are not here yet
    but i know you will figure them out, right?

    anyways, i like the layout and design especially
    the first part as they look so fresh and naturally beautiful. and i like my skin culour in your

    by the way, sven, can you speak english, otherwise i
    will call you”?狗”!

  6. Translator says:

    For Sven

    The word that Linn so kindly used in Chinese is “Little dog” ..

    / Carl the translator. btw, Linn is by nature a very nice girl, but sometimes she don’t see the edge. So please forgive her not so nice backside. ;)

  7. Aaro says:

    Looks just fantastic.


  8. WindInYews says:

    Carl, I fully understand, as think you know, and no problem at all.

    Comment this moment is – I think the choker being where it was in the stack is better. I thought you really get away with it there, and the lady may have customers who would appreciate it. At the end has a symbology for you, but others won’t get or need that, and for me it makes too strong a statement which I guess she or really you won’t want.

    I did have one more idea to try, something with a 3d program helping, and if anything comes of it I’ll try to send sometime today, just for your interest. We know by now how deep a design ‘problem’ (artist’s sense) a logo can be, and what you have is certainly a going solution for it. I fully agree the size reductions as you know, and their effect.

    To Linn, a smile. I still will write something anyway about Scandinavians, and maybe about China. Carl can tell you my father grew up there, as I have told him, and he was strongly influenced in his character if not looking Chinese. Anyway, more spicy Yunnan cooking, and I did find your note: do not be surprised if someday I do visit, and enjoy it ;).

    Now to the morning’s…..cheers to both


  9. WindInYews says:

    And a few minutes later, before I go, it occurs to me that in balance I should probably write something to Sven as well ;).

    If there is the chance, but it would speak of the jovial way of Chinese sociality, and how much and how many kinds of sophistication exist beneath this surface always, and how important that shared yet independent sociality actually is.

    But I think if Sven is your brother, he actually will have no trouble at all to know a pearl, and a gem, when he meets them….

    Kind regards,


  10. Now, take a look again. I made a stupid mistake. Somehow when exporting into PDF (from Indesign CS2) the profile wasn’t correctly read by Photoshop (strange sentence), so I had to first assign adobeRGB and then convert it back to sRGB. Fun!

    But now I think you would agree that colors and contrast are much better. (HAHA, it is on my PB screen.. ;)

  11. BobNL says:

    Carl, just a quick note before I forget it. On the ripped page, place the page underneath it on the white. Just as if it really was ripped off :) Or otherwise a table top or something.

  12. Richard Debroise says:

    Wonderfull work!

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  14. Spalbird says:

    Carl, it is much improved now. Only I don’t know how good B&W pictures work if colour of the necklaces are of importance. It is just me and I am very unaware, so forgive my point of view:)

    Regarding this picture:

    How would it look like if it transfers from B&W (left) to color (right) in 4 steps?

    About the chocking/shocking? end. I feel both pictures don’t work well side by side although they are great each for itself!

    Not to forget Linn: She just looks great!

    Good stuff!


  15. Carl Rytterfalk says:

    Bob: That’s a very very good idea. I’m embarrassed not to have thought about it. :) Back in the “CD” cover days I did that a couple of times but somehow I was working too fast..


  16. Wolfgang: It’s like this. All creations you see in this book is unique and made once. Never twice. (except for ear rings (with one pearl) and maybe some other simple things). So in other words, the important is not to show the exact coloristic but the feeling that it gives. And i my mind pearls in black and white is very very beautiful. :) So, many of the creations you see here is sold (some now, thru these photos) .. in which case, colors are not of extreme importance.

    Second, I will play a little with the spread you pointed me to. I think you’re right. :)

    The chocking end.. Well.. :) We’ll see what happens with that one.

    Thanks for your input!

  17. thechebb says:

    Bravo Carl,
    Very spectacular work – It’s great that you are getting all sorts of positive feedback & input!!
    Kudos to you and of course your lovely model Lynn.


    P.S. and the SD10 of course!!

  18. WindInYews says:

    Hi Carl – looks like you might have taken sensible advice and gotten a little rest from this over the week-end. I bet not much ;).

    My feeling: this is incredibly rich, and there is a sense perhaps you need to be finished with it soon. Not over-doing is important.

    A chance to step away, take customer feedback, and then if necessary refine some points of what you do, could be healthy.

    Anyway, I know you will recognise the stages and act accordingly to your feeling – just acknowledging as a friend.

    We all know about the accomplishments and also etceteras of this working with intensity ;)

    I don’t think I need to wish you good luck with this, but of course I do.


  19. Karin says:

    WOW! I LOVE the pictures! :-) Great job, Carl!
    The pearl book will be so cool, will really make a lot of people want to buy pearls!

    Will the website/logotype be on every page, or is that just for now, in the process? Maybe it shouldn’t be on all the pages – more interesting if it’s not.

    ((It was great meeting you and Linn – Samuel and I will try to send you some of our pictures soon… just been a little busy here since we got home))

  20. Carl Rytterfalk says:

    Hey, cool to have you around! :D And well, about the logo. It’s been up and down with that one. The book will mainly be in stores and often the manager will put up his/her favorite spread on the counter and that’s mainly why we went for the “every spread is a poster” thinking.

    Some of the spreads will probably be printed as posters as well..

    But, I’m on and off about many things. ;) So, final version isn’t done. Well, has to be end of this week, but hey, that’s faaaaaaaar away! :)

    Looking forward for some images when they’re done!

  21. Linn says:

    i have to say thanks to my
    important carl for making me
    look so beautiful and to you
    guys’ great comments here.

    but the truth (secret) is everything
    is my mother’s fault…

    by the way, Hi Chebb, nice to meet
    you! my name is Linn, not Lynn!
    I can tell you my chinese name so
    it’s easy for you to remember.
    my chinese name is Liu Dongyun.
    Liu is second tone, Dong is first
    tone and yun is also second tone
    according to chinese pronunciation!

  22. thechebb says:

    Hello Linn,
    Nice to meet you too! I’m sorry about the misspell – I would mess up my own name if I didn’t have it on my driver’s license ;). I really like the vibe on Carl’s latest project—it is top notch!!! I hope one day to meet you two – I think it would be a blast!!!
    Apologies and Cheers!

  23. Linn says:

    Hi Chebb,
    i was just kidding~~hehehe
    sometime i am a little bit naughty
    i hope you don’t mind!

    we hope to meet you too
    and you will feel suprise~~~

  24. Elin Astrom says:

    Wow! Kalle, your work is really fantastic. And I think you know it. :) Think I’ve said that before. I want you to come home soon, then we can do a lot of funny sessions. Send my greetings to Linn, she looks very happy and beautiful on all the pictures.


  25. Anton says:

    Always nice to drop by and see what you’re up to! Great stuff.

  26. fia says:

    congratulations Kalei!

    I hope that both of you are doin’ just fine..
    but I can’t help wondering.. when are you coming to visit me in sweden? I guess you’re still in china..

    miss both of you.. linn, you are so beautiful. and kalei, nice pictures and happy birthday again.

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