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70-200 2.8 adSigma 70-200 ad

The Sigma 70-200 2.8 EX is a wonderful lens that shows the strength of the Sigma EX line. Great contrast, sharpness and bokeh makes it perfect for anyone seeking that perfect shot.

Took a walk with it a couple of weeks ago and wanted to show you the result in a little different way.. So here you have them as Sigma ads. :)

Click image for bigger versions.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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15 Responses to Sigma 70-200 2.8 | AD

  1. thechebb says:

    Hi Carl,
    Love ‘em!! They look waaaaaay better than what I’ve seen on their catalog covers before! I always thought that Sigma should have their lens catalog cover/sample photos shot using the SD cameras…it just makes sense!

    I just can’t help thinking there’s a message in the barbed wire photo…hmmmm….methinks too hard I think….

  2. Just that it would make huge sense. And yes, the barbed wire photo.. Take your Sigma everywhere! (could be the front or the undercover operation, or.. whatever.. free willy!!

    :) They could be a lot “tougher” and a bit cooler.. Like mine.. hehe

    btw, the barbed wire photo is slightly tilted. I should have made that one straight but forgot.

  3. Linn says:

    hehe…that is my leg!(looks not very fat:))
    carl didn’t like my net hose before, he thought
    it’s too sexy! but i like this picture!

    the wall behind the wire looks like some
    kind of art painting..hehe..was locked by netting!

  4. WindInYews says:

    You’re right about that wall — it is very interesting, and Carl’s photo works very well when large enough to see that.

    Hope you see another comment, about ‘trouble’ ;)


  5. WindInYews says:

    Some conclusions from reading over the site today:

    – Linn’s cooking is sure to be very flavourful ;). I am sure there are many spices in the background of Yunnan,

    – brothers are evidently as always, troublesome as well as helpful friends ;)

    – Sigma seems to be missing a bet if they do not take Carl up on some of his images. Who can funnel some in to them, who reads here?

    – I think I have figured out the Skype button problem – will send an email answer sort of can’t be posted – the same problem….


  6. Clive: haha.. yes, your insight is strong, the force is with you. ;)

    I just got your email, and I’ll try as soon as I have some time over.. Very soon done with the booklet that I’ve been working on and will start with another later this afternoon.. Getting popular, Jaij!

  7. WindInYews says:

    Carl: sounds good ;). Appreciate about the booklets, much more important.

    Take care, and a pleasant day there, as ours starts out here…


  8. Spalbird says:

    Wow! Now I have another lens on my wish list. Please stop advertising for Sigma! I will become poor!!! In the moment I am saving for the 30 mm. Your guilt!!!


  9. haha.. NO WAY! :D I have some more that I might show a bit more than I have done. The 105mm for instance is a GREAT lens.


  10. Spalbird says:

    Hmmpfff. Please give Carl less impressive toys! A pinhole camera, for example. I might not care… Linn, couldn’t you keep Carl busy with something like cleaning up the room or so? I even haven’t considered the 105 mm yet. Arrghhh!

  11. Linn says:

    thank you Clive!
    i will cook flavorful Yunnan “spicy” food
    for you if you come to China…haha..

    i agree with you that Sven is a naughty guy
    but carl..mmm…is just a little running
    dog with a sigma camera…

  12. Linn says:

    that is a great idea!
    i just made Carl to clean the floor this
    morning.i am thinking that i can buy
    a Chinese food recipe book to Carl
    tomorrow so that he can cook food
    for me everyday!
    and i will take the camera instead.
    so i will show a bit more about 105mm
    to you later,how about that???

  13. Spalbird says:

    Hmmm, not decided whether you are an even better photographer than Carl or not. If it is Carl’s first time to cook I suppose to take pictures while he is cooking and of the finished dish. If it is funny and I have to laugh a lot that could be a sensible compensation for that I am suddenly forced to that expensive lenses just because of his great photography. Will only work if your pictures will not be great, so, please try to be a little bit careful or take the 30mm instead of the 105mm – otherwise – heeeeelp!!!!

  14. Spalbird says:

    Finally I have got the 30mm and now low light shots are no more difficult. Still the 70-200 mm ist tempting. I am looking at your page from time to time but since you returned to Sweden you seem to be very busy with more important things.

    My first night shot samples with the 30 mm which became about 100 Euros more expensive at ebay after you showed your pictures:


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