Kunming Village | 41 photos

Suberb village of kunming

Camera: Sigma SD10 and Lens: Sigma 30mm F1.4 EX at F1.8 – 2.5

Yesterday, I went to a small village outside Kunming together with my friends Karin and Samuel Linde. When we first came to the village the village seamed to be totally empty. We were quite surprised. Soon we discovered that everyone had gone to the local market and it’s there most of yesterdays pictures where taken.

Best outdoor use of the 30/1.4 I have seen so far. I love that lens, and it is great to see other people have been getting great results as well (outside of the predictable complaints on the Canon SLR lens forum). I guess I will have to sometime take mine outside! :-)
Chez Wimpy – dpreview Sample and Galleries forum

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This is Karin and Samuel Linde. :)

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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39 Responses to Kunming Village | 41 photos

  1. WindInYews says:

    What a pleasure, Carl – and I guess you don't frighten children more without your beard than with ;).

    I think you showed your friends the Lindes the best kind of visit in the village.

    The little girl resting on the seed sacks is perfect.

    It is such a pleasure to see such faces, all the older and young with good things in their faces, and also the mother or sister and boy, who are for a moment not sure.

    Best as you know,

  2. Guenter says:

    Great Stuff Carl!

  3. Mike says:

    Great shots Carl. Makes me want to return. Hope you're still in Kunming when I finally manage to get there.

  4. Great work Carl.

    I like the composition … very inspiring.

  5. Georges Noblet says:


    Full of joy and humaneness.

    Great portraits. And of old persons, like old dog-eared books, full of hard life which gives sweet heart in the eyes…

    Thank you very much dear Carl. These pictures are full of you…

    Kind regards,


  6. Nice work, as usual, Carl. Looks like you have a lot of fun with your work, and it looks like your subjects enjoy it, as well.


  7. Barry Byrd says:


    My favorite is the little girl with the puple and yellow

  8. thechebb says:

    Wonderful work—I am in awe! Just 4 more weeks to my 30mm…..

  9. Mike! COME COME COME! :D I'll be back anyhow.

  10. david_g says:

    What's not to love? Just perfect :)

    Hate to ask..but, what lens and camera?

    thanks for sharing.
    i'll be back to look again :)

    My Japan gallery http://www.pbase.com/japanese__wanderings
    Iciclelanding gallery http://www.iciclelanding.com/japanese_wanderings

  11. wyan says:

    No text. Simply speechless.

  12. Chez Wimpy says:

    Best outdoor use of the 30/1.4 I have seen so far. I love that lens, and it is great to see other people have been getting great results as well (outside of the predictable complaints on the Canon SLR lens forum). I guess I will have to sometime take mine outside! :-)


  13. charlie says:

    I agree……….very well done. I'm not a gear freak but I am pleased that Sigma is offering that lens in 4/3 mount.

    Great stuff man


  14. Big_brother says:

    Lovely, captured the whole scene :)

  15. shudder says:

    Great set of pics, Carl. I enjoyed every one of them! Some of the faces are incredible to look at and soak in.

    A few of my faves: http://www.rytterfalk.com/vill/vill06.jpg http://www.rytterfalk.com/vill/vill22.jpg http://www.rytterfalk.com/vill/vill24.jpg http://www.rytterfalk.com/vill/vill29.jpg

    Excellent work. Thank you.


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  16. Morris says:

    Exelent photos, a delight to view Carl.

  17. Halldor Eiriksson says:

    Great pictures, Carl, happyness shines through.

  18. armaco says:

    Great work … I like the composition … very inspiring.

    Kostas Sarris

  19. pvs says:

    Nice work, as usual, Carl. Looks like you have a lot of fun with your work, and it looks like your subjects enjoy it, as well.


  20. Tiffles says:

    in such situations I am always concerned that people would be offended if I took pictures of them…but it looks as if they really had fun with you guys!


  21. short243 says:

    way it shows the character of the faces. Both young and old…….

    Rick Wilkinson
    From Gobblers Knob http://www.pbase.com/short243

  22. Linn says:

    Great pictures,baby!

    you always say that i don't visit your webpage!

    now i am here and enjoy them!

    they are so beautiful as usual and i like them because they can tell me stories!

    i love you!

  23. I love you too baby! Now I know you visit my homepage, and I'm pleased to hear that you enjoy my work. :)

    Can you tell me what stories they tell?! :D

  24. Peter says:

    Very nice. I always like your portraits. They convey a lot of feeling.

  25. MKrause says:


    These are all wonderful, I really enjoyed the photos of the children. They were so bright and joyful, their eyes told so much of their excitment to see you photograph them. Thanks for sharing these fabulous shots…


  26. Halldor says:

    I love pictures like these

  27. Em says:

    Love your work as always! Man blir märkt…
    Speciellt den skeptiska gullungen i vitt :)


  28. mmm.. Hon är skeptisk kan man säga.. Jag visade henne bilderna från kameran, i hopp om att kanske få ett leende, men nejdå! Det var inte min dag. :)

    men bilden blev ju bra, så jag får väl åka tillbaka o tacka. btw, väldigt kul att du tittade förbi, visste inte om du vågade dig in. haha..


  29. Aleks says:

    nu ska jag skriva här

    jag har favoriter, Inga nummer på bilderna men jag räknar
    uppifrån och ner: you are good

    1 Handen, händer är vackrast. Vad har han i halsen

    5 låtsasbil med riktig cykel bakom, framträder så bra

    14 vapen och prickar, Otäck

    15 Säger massor


    21 Har hon mer fokus i bild 2

    23 Liten, oj oj den är väldigt fin

    28 skuggorna och det gula, gillar den mycket

    33 väggen, rörelsen men huvudet still, !!

  30. Pappa Lars says:

    Älskade Kalle…sitter här och grinar…är så stolt över dig. Bilderna är fantastiska…man blir så berörd! Framför allt blir jag så rörd över allas kommentarer! Det måste kännas!!!! Känner mig samtidigt lite utanför… det är så mycket vi inte vet om dig och ditt liv… längtar så efter att få vara med och få veta…Älskar dig!!!
    Kram! Braitalaina

  31. Britta! Skönt att pratas lite idag, och att se din kommentar! Allas kommentarer betyder massor. Det är som en flygande matta.

    Men du känner mig, du ser mig i deras ögon. :) Det är iallfall så jag vill synas.

    Hoppas nu allt går vägen och vi kommer härifrån snart. Linn är riktigt otålig och börjar spara in på löjliga småsaker som en burköppnare som vi behövde för middag jag lagde när Håkan ringde. :D Det blev bara en av tre burkar öppnade. Var för mycket jobb utan. haha.. Men kanske hundra burköppnare senare så har vi sparat ihop en tusenlapp eller så.

    Nej, en vacker dag så står vi där, innanför dörren. Då ska jag berätta.

    // Kalle & Linn

  32. rich says:

    What was the working distance in these?

    vill_08, _18, _19

    Very nice effect.


  33. rich says:

    Also vill01

  34. Rich: About a meter or closer. Thanks. :)

  35. rich says:

    I thought it must have been close because of the nice selective focus effects. In my film days, I enjoyed doing that at outdoor festivals (such as our Charles Dickens festival) with my Nikon 50mm f1.2 lens. I would generally strike up a conversation with people and they never objected to a photograph.

    Can you explain how you approached these people for a shot? Did you have a translator?



  36. jason says:

    Awsome pic. I wish I could take pictures as nice as yours for my site

  37. Erez Katz says:

    Great pictures!

    I had a wonderful time following the story.

    Now I want to go to china too:)

    Best regards from Israel,

    Erez Katz

  38. 浩生 says:

    这里是中国哪里 很简朴很纯真的人们

  39. Carl says:

    Hi 浩生! (hao sheng)

    Well, this is a small village outside (or inside) Kunming city in Yunnan. Very very friendly and nice people. I will go back and say hi. :)

    Btw, nice to have a Chinese visiting my site. Linn (Liu DongYun) says hi!)

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