Inner city village | 17 photos | Updated

Remade three with better colors. Click under to see old article and old photos. Click photos for bigger size.17 photos from a walk yesterday (Monday the 20th). Please comment if you like.Process: Lightroom, Sharpening: PS. Mixed shutter. F2.5. Sigma 30mm.

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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11 Responses to Inner city village | 17 photos | Updated

  1. Btw, I don’t smoke. :)

  2. Emilio DelToro says:

    Hi Carl,

    You have some nice gems here (except for #5 & #7 which I don't like at all), but the little girl in the oversized shoes and the boy in the red pans at the end of the alley are excellent.


  3. David Hughes says:

    Very nice collection of images. They tell a story. Have you considered placing a little text with them too?

  4. Klaus says:

    Carl, great photograhies! Like them a lot!


  5. Well.. A text, there is so much to say, maybe save it for a book?! hehe. I’ve been thinking about text as well. Problem is that by doing so maybe this post wouldn’t find it to the blog. It would take to much time and energy from a quite stressed person.

    But I did write some additional info between the answers:

    And thanks for your comment, David.

  6. Emilio, Happy you like so many! :D Even if you didn’t like the “Phone numbers on the wall” and “huge package”..

    The numbers on the wall is one very interesting way of communicating “I need work” around here. And I just can’t let it pass. :) I need to find a better wall, and a more numbers and maybe by then I can show a better result.

  7. WindInYews says:

    Pretty enjoyable, Carl, and for reasons you know, brought back memories.

    Also had the feeling of you getting used to shooting with this lens. It has the advantage of speed, plus its nice bokeh and other qualities. Just personally, I don't know that I've ever been convinced about the '50mm or equivalent' framing – my choice in the time of the OM-1 was its lovely 100mm, plus a 35 mm in pocket (today would make that a 28).

    I really liked the looking-up-at-windows shot. It does fool you, which is kind of pleasant in this case, and makes you look more. And so you think of the closeness of buildings, of the taking advantage of all light and ventilation, of a kind of intensity of life which I think you found in the attitudes of persons.

    There is something of this effect also in the sandy alley shot – I can't separate from memory, but maybe this works on others too. The grit really.

    The red boy is one of your perfect shots – you have such a high percentage on these, an eye. Unoccluded by beard now ;). And the other children, and the man with cigarette. Well, we enjoy.

    Best to you and Linn. That was such a wonderful expression behind the passport, and more of a story you both make.


  8. BobNL says:

    Much better colors, what went wrong/different the first time?

  9. Nothing went wrong the first time.. :)

    But different day different eyes and in this case it had to do with how a regular, none calibrated PC showed my images. Made me think that I had to do them stronger, and in this case quite a lot different. No vignetting, no mulded colors, no faded yellow etc. This time I reseted my raw and started all over..

    1. I made the photo look pretty good in lightroom. No clippings and nothing spectacular, only very normal.

    2. Inside Photoshop I first fixed contrast by using “contrast pro” from Nik.

    3. Went inside Exposure from Alienskin and added a Kodachrome EES.. (the free download works without any hinder) – Nice.

    That’s what I did this time, last times pictures where all dumps from Lightroom. It’s all, different days different eyes and well peoples opinion makes difference too. :)

  10. BobNL says:

    Ah, the burden of RAW processing :-( There are often so many ways to go with a RAW that I often have trouble making up my mind what to do. And come back the other day and doing it all over again, and again, and again. Currently going through a boldly coloured, slightly vignetted, provia kind of look phase :-)

  11. thechebb says:

    Wow – powerful imagery at work here! Love it!!

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