Great entertainment.

I was reading my RSS streams and came across this story at Wired news: “The entertainment industry claims it has file-sharing sites on the run. But Sweden-based torrent tracker The Pirate Bay says it isn’t going anywhere. And there’s a national movement behind the site” Read full story

Over at Legal threats against The Pirate Bay page You can read threatening mails from many of our well known giants such as Microsoft, Apple, DreamWorks, Sega, etc. All in their full glory. There is also humiliating responses of which is great fun to read.

Pirate bays legal adviser says in one letter: “And as we have explained the information contained in our servers is clearly not of the nature required of Swedish law, to be considered an infringement of intellectual property. This would be similar to outlawing a map outlining where to find the library or the local video-rental store.”

Now, what do you think about all this?! Should information be free?

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  1. WindInYews says:

    Well, Carl, it sounds something from which we can understand that political action often does not come from the rational side of persons, one way or another.

    'We' are unhappy with what corporations often these days make in the world, and anyway people like something sweet for free, so 'why not hit them'.

    It seems the likely thing to come from this is more bad law, allowing some kind of conspiracy charge for giving away the theft (torrent) locations. Not exactly a good result.

    So many real things in societies have been created through 'give-and-takes'. Now in this boys can have digital toys world, the adolescent use of logic threatens all of that. In their way, these boys are as guilty as Walmart.


  2. Some thoughts on the subject.


    For sure, big companies will try to stop this from happening and they will probably succeed with the .torrent thinking in another five years. But before that happens there will be another much improved way of hiding and getting away with the sharing. It's already many people working on new solutions. (where no identity is traceable and no real server is needed but still everything is searchable)


    People will always use piracy, one way or another. There is many reasons why, one could be poverty not being able to afford and in this case it might be the only Ferrari you can ever play with. The car you would have to steal and that would be personal, a software is in this case very different.

    They see themselves pretty much as some kind of Robin Hood figure. And in some ways they are. Look at the music industry. Why is it that all these stars must have so much money for what they do?! Who decided that to start with?! If they settled with much less, everyone would be able to buy their record. Same goes with the film industry. What this underground society is doing is fighting is the gap between rich and poor. (or just having fun, depending on who you're asking)


    For sure it's stealing but the different is that no one is a looser (or at least losing very little).. living in China, the country of copies have made me think little different about all this. Remember I wrote something way back about chinese have to pay ten times the price?! A movie in Sweden costs about €15 to buy new, that would for a chinese guy be €150, same goes for that CD.. (and most of them are copied made here) The whole world is using this country because of it's cheapness but no one is willing to give back. Look at the Powerbook I'm typing on, the Powerbook is assembled in China and is in fact more expensive to buy here then home in Sweden.

    As long as we live in in this world as is, there is really no way to stop this. Instead of scratching the surface maybe someone should take a closer look at those roots.

  3. WindInYews says:

    Hi Carl, and yes, good thoughts.

    1) Well, I have no doubt the cat and mouse game will continue. And yes, likely it is possible to distribute the catalog as well as the content. A little tricky, though, as now individuals will each be guilty of publishing the catalog, and the cat will bite some.

    2) Well, 'try out the Ferrari', or 'train yourself to drive it' is likely the best argument. Though much software has trial versions for this purpose, the better software usually has a 1 month time only.

    Still, although I have always disliked the 'ownershop fetish', it is a bit strange that people should justify that they just take something. The polarisation has meant no cheap rates for developing countries on modern goods, as there were for example with books, when I taught in Korea. Very cheap indeed, locally made, approved by original publisher with imprint that they couldn't be sent to developed countries. You could get anything. Because of rudeness, selfishness then increased so this principle doesn't work any more.

    Should musicians earn so much? Well, it was a gold rush situation that built an interest, market, and hope in art for the populus – a new thing. I think now it's the distribution companies who make almost all from those high prices. Should we develop the 'long tail' of variety in musicians? No doubt, and though I wonder how many will ever make much compared to performing combined with selling their CD's there, which is the real benefit of the technology – and you see all around Basel. As far as star talent and development: this seems it always has been very rare. So yes, we probably need to 'broadcast' the benefit of those people for everyone.

    3) Well, you are really into the riddles at this point, aren't you. I think it is only fair that persons pay 'something' for any good, and not fool themselves otherwise – and I would be very much in favour of highly graduated prices, as for the books above. If you think of how you plan to make a living from your own art, perhaps there is a parallel. If nothing is paid, there can be nothing made – we will be back on our muddy doorsteps in each nation. So there has to be a 'happy medium' found – what I meant about give and take. Yes, digital tech makes that hard.

    I can't speak easily to your Apple – only realise that if it is a PC, it will be remarkably cheaper. Apple is a specialised good. Your feeling is exactly what gives it value. Again, I'd like to see the price appropriately scale. On the DVD price, I hear very differently from persons about the price of those copies in China – it seems it is very low, at least in Beiching.

    Carl, I also think about the fit of all this in a world where we still have our Africa's and parts of most nations including some of the richest. Yet as India and China show in particular at the moment, enormously more is gained if people can make for themselves, than ever could come with giveaways. It is an interesting point we taught ourselves by some accident and also I feel some deliberate intention in the murky worlds of finance. We had all the guilts of trying the other ways, where you could never give enough.

    Now at the moment we have ample reason to give thought to the poorer of our own countries, and the displaced. We should do this by moving forward, not taking back, but I can tell you this is no easy problem, and I expend very much of myself on it.

    There is something of a principle of fairness, consistently re-evaluating as best we can, which always seems to rise to the top, in good judgement and acts on anything like this.

    I would just leave us both thinking of that, for this note…


    Carl, and best

  4. Clive, Interesting reading as always.

    Years ago, maybe at a sensitive part of my life I read books by William Gibson, his motto was 'information wants to be free' and somehow that has always been ringing in my ears. Bits wants to be free, the written wants to be free. Of course money-wise this is not applicable for real and would make no sense at all. When I now think about it, it really sounds like communism. Maybe an Utopia (of which I think communism is).

    ;) Isn't life a riddle?! Ride the riddle! (you can quote me on that, thank you!)

    And of course it's not the musicians themselves that makes that record so expensive, the entertainment industry is in this case to blame. But after all we love it, and most of us pay for it too, gladly.

    For Chinese it's another story. Of course the price of a DVD or CD isn't €15, if it was no one would buy it. (it's closer to €1) The truth is that you can't find the real deal. Only copies. (at least here in Kunming) and so the world continues and everyone, even the poor is happy. You could tell them -Don't steal. I wouldn't.

    Now it's 6.35 in the morning and I have been up since four. Can't sleep and well, Clive you made my brain work a little! Once more. Thank you!.

  5. WindInYews says:

    Carl, such a good reply, and you are very welcome.

    I too, 'wouldn't'. It's part of a balance of things.

    It should be so interesting, to see all that comes next. Let it have the spirit of welcome.

    Best, Carl,


  6. Filip U. says:

    Ok.. from my point of view on piracy issues…

    First of all, the technology to mass produce CDs had become better and cheaper and media itself has become alot cheaper than it was 15 years ago. So why do Aurdio CDs cost almost double today than they were 10 years ago? Also, in the begining of DVD era, they said that movies on DVDs were to cost more because of technology being new and all that but I havent seen a decrease in prices yet on new movies. How come it is cheaper to sell movies on VHS tapes than DVD? I mean there are no moving parts on DVD disc and discs are being pressed so BAM! and it's there.

    Here in Sweden, alot of things has become cheaper throughout the years except CDs and DVDs so you cant really say it's because of the currency.

    I am not for piracy and stealing is stealing but I do have problem with companies that pay fat salaries to execs while others who work under them gets peanut money. Perfect example was Ericsson. They had fired 5000 people and cut salaries on loads more. What did execs get? Bonus of several million dollars. Money that could had been used to lift the company up from bad days. Electronic Arts arent that much better, untill a while back, they never paid overtime to their employees.

    As for music industry, perfect example of greed. They are hoarding loads of money and give out small portion to the artists. People are tired of paying overpriced music in general and instead of listening, record companies do the opposite. So when someone tries getting some cheaper music, they use lawyers.

    You are aware that record companies approached Apple, asking them to raise the fee for downloadable music because it was "too cheap" ? iTunes are most successful way of legal downloadable music and they want more? Sorry but I cant have understanding for such behaviour.

    As last we have people who are just too cheap for anything..

    They just want free stuff and dont care about where it comes from. They usually lack understanding or respect of work involved in creating the software or music and other things. Not everyone is like that though, iTunes success has shown that. People ARE willing to buy but for a lot more sensible price.

    On the car analogy, everyone wants the Ferrari and no one wants to pay more than $40k instead of $1mil to get one.

    Expensive software or music/movies doesnt make you feel more exclusive like an expensive car does. Might even make you feel poor.

    Some said once "Dont give your work for free nor try sell it for gold, value it wisely and fairly".

  7. the spirit of welcome! Amen!

  8. WindInYews says:

    Hi Filip – I had been thinking about your note, as it really covered a lot of things we have all been feeling about.

    I think you are right about what iTunes shows – let’s hope there will be more developing of such ideas, and less disagreement on them.

    There is a point of view called ‘the long tail’ which tries to expand in another way. The idea is that there are small but substantial communities of interest for many things we can individually make. It might have some of the answers also going forward.

    What’s sure is that global communications are really changing the world – or at least making us much more aware of what we would like to further change. Interesting times.

    Best regards to you,

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