Spinning happiness | Short movies.

Now it’s been some times since last post, and now I wanna make this blog a blog again.. so how about starting with two small movies, well, more a music video style thingi. Please comment on these two when you have time and patiens.

Version 1 (about 3min)
a finished piece based on Blond Readheads music.

Version 2 (59 seconds)
Version 2 remake, new faces added (52 seconds)
an ongoing project based on music from the French movie “Amelie of Montmartre”

About Carl Rytterfalk

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carl Rytterfalk, a swedish photographer who loves everything that is interesting in the world of photography. In 2002 I fell in love with the three layered Foveon sensor and has since then been an addicted user of Sigma cameras. Though I use Canon and Nikon as well. :)
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  1. Wissbegieriger says:

    Carl, would tell you that I really enjoyed these. Perhaps I am first to comment by timezone, or because I have your weblog in an RSS reader that notes updates.

    I looked at #2 first, 'naturally'. As reading books from the back, but in fact because it was shorter. But the streaming was very good, so in fact didn't matter.

    I can tell you that my first thought was somehow to, wait for it, Ingmar Bergman. Specifically, some of the real free play intervals in Fannie og Alexander, where there are many, most enjoyable. There is a very nice spirit here, with your dance or whirling merry-go-round, and your talent with getting things from people goes very well in 'color film' as well as still, b&w etc..

    It's partly influence of the music, but the longer #1 had a kind of Expressionist feel to me. Some darkness with the light. It's a good way to end it that you did. The young girl's shyness, reluctance very good to capture. With the more time, more feeling one could have from each co-dancer. Very good.

    Very good pair.

    Very good work.

    I am quite glad you do it, all, Carl.

    Adds each time, so thanks.


  2. Hi Clive! I think people have erased the RSS thingi because me being such a looser with blogging! But I wanna be back again, at least for a while. :)

    Plans are to make a music video for a Norwegian girl pretty soon, and some short movies with none pro actors.. Will be very interesting.


  3. Wissbegieriger says:

    Well, that does sound very interesting… ;)

    On the thingis, I guess people will really like to see these short films when they have a chance to know about them. I'll put a short post on Dpreview, see what happens.

    Take care, Carl, and congratulations to someone on the visa…


  4. Filip U. says:

    Hey Carl!

    If you do the short movie, while you hold the film camera, can I take the stills in between the shootings? :D

  5. Come here! :D it's not too far, take boing 747 and jump at Kunming. I'll pick you up. And yes, take your pics!

  6. And Clive! Thanks. And yes, it was my chinese girlfriend that just got her permission to stay in sweden, so now it's off as soon as possible! :D

    But china is never far away.

  7. Dear Carl,
    what a refreshing and joyful surprise! Carl in film-maker, greatly inspired (with happiness!) by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I love your pictures, the opening of the smiles on the faces, the whirling rythm, the living feeling…. When do you make your first film? :o))) I am sure that your sensitivity will makes marvels! Thank you very much for this good moment of jubilation!
    My kindest regards,

  8. Dear Georges! I'm still awaiting your arrival! Thanks for your words! :) I'm hoping for something more movie like, maybe have you as a star?!

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  10. noblet says:

    Dear Carl, if pictures give me some money more, the ticket for Kunming will be in my pocket quickly! :o))) (I hope so heartfully! re-:o)))
    For the film, if my impresario don't say: "You are overbooked in Holywood! :o(", it is possible that I take a role. Do you have the synopsis? I hope that it is not like "the last emperor, the thrones are not good for me: they makes me feel dizzy (not Gillespie!)! :oD
    I am very inexpensive, because with my white hair and beard, you can also make the film in BW
    Kindest regards, and the best for you!

  11. First, before you decide.. Prepare yourself with this NEW and exclusive production that soon will be online. The last cuts are being made as we speak. http://www.rytterfalk.com/2006/03/06/the-temple-a

    I'd love to make somthing Black and White with your beautiful face! Dramatic!

  12. BobNL says:

    Made me smile, a lot! :-)

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  14. Georges Noblet says:

    Very fresh, living, funny, with a quality of spontaneity of editing and live broadcast very cheerful. Between the "film du dimanche", "la carte postale des amoureux", with a rythm and a lightness very rousing. Do you know the films of Jacques Tati? Great and unic!
    Thank you dear Carl :)

  15. Geroges, what movie are you talking about now?! "The Temple" or one of the spinning ones?! :D

  16. Georges Noblet says:

    About your more recent production, "The Temple" :)
    I track the News attentively!


  17. Filip U. says:

    Uhm.. sorry but I guess I wont able to hop on the airplane in time for the shoot then. Ryan Air doesnt fly there… :(

  18. Wissbegieriger says:

    Carl, liked original of ' Version 2' much better.

    Less manic, which is most important.

    Better expressions set from for example Linn also, which is also very important.

    There is 'room' to see and respond on the original.

    As I see them, anyway…


  19. Yes, I couldn't find my original final cut file, i somehow deleted it or something stupid. So I had to do it all over and its NEVER as the first time.

    Actually, next time I will use the MOV file from first version and continue from that.. Problem is also that some people wanna be part, but don't make the same expression that I'm hoping for. Tricky balance.

    Thanks for honest response!

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