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How about eating the Placenta / after birth? \
According to Chinese traditional way the mother should eat her own after birth after giving birth. The cake is said to be very nutritious and is often eaten as a soup. This delicacy is sometimes (often, always or rarely?!) shared among people attending the family in this happy day. Yesterday I was talking about this with a close friend and she told me that her cousins\’d5 friend sometimes buys an after birth for eating. The price? 5 RMB. \
Me myself have never, to my knowledge, eaten anything like it. But I don’t really know. :) What I do know that I’ve tried is dog, toad, snail, insects (different types) duck feet and stomach (intestine). And of course different animal skin.. well.. There sure is some more strange things but this is what I can think of right now.. :) \
Thanks to one of my readers I now know that what I called “womb cake” is Placenta in the real world. :) In Swedish it’s called “Moder kaka” Now you know.\

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