Among bamboo..


This picture is taken at the biggest Zen temple in the world.
It’s supposted to represent the religious part in my article.
Sigma SD10, Shangrila June 2005

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The other day I visited and read an article about longhorn that recently been tested for the first time by IDG’s magazine PC World. ) and after the article people had participated in a free forum connected to the article in question. Reading that thread reminded me how different Chinese people often is to Swedish. \
Read article and comments – In swedish\
There is a hidden rule in Sweden and that is, – don’t think that you’re better than anyone else. Don’t come here and. This is called \’d2jante lagen\’d3 or \’d2The law of Jante\’d3 I.e. if your neighbor buys a new car, the law of jente do not permit you to share his/her joy. (Not everybody follows it) Reading that thread made me very very tired, all the time people jumped on each other with rude comments to some ones misunderstanding or not so informative answer to some ones question. Some ones joke became another persons death. \
This might be very Swedish behavior. I’m not sure. Being a member on the Sigma forum at (linked to Dpreviews Sigma forum) since it started in 2002 I must say I never or rarely accounted this behavior. Only by trolls that was easy to mark, very few.\
In China, where people very much act according to basic rules in Daoism; Bend to problems rather than start a fight. This is maybe why today politics are as successful as it is. To act like if you where a bamboo in the wind, if you try to stand when the wind blow you might brake. Or be as water in a flood, when a stone comes you flow around it. These are two very strong images that very much, according to my personal experience represent the Chinese personality. Some people have tried to be the standing bamboo and with the natural consequence
\f1 \’81\’42\

\f0 This doesn\’d5t mean that everybody is religious, not many are. But these rules are deep rooted into the society and everybody expects everybody to act accordingly. \
This would, in a thread mean that you instead of jumping on some ones not so smart comment you try to first tell how not so wrong he was but that you might have a better explanation. i.e. I work a lot with books. If I would write something negative about Chairman Mao I would have to write a lot about how good he was before coming with my \’d2real\’d3 comment. The same if you have a conversation. \
More of this later. Now I\’d5m sitting at a teahouse enjoying nice expensive Chinese tea while the rain is pouring down. It\’d5s so cozy to sit here now with my power book on my knee. Mmm (I\’d5m not paying btw)\

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