Drivers license part #2


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Cab driver..

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Went to police station to get a important \’d2I live\’d3 paper, found some bad-mannered police officers telling us that my apartment in fact didn\’d5t exist. (This part was really scary, where to live? Who am I? Meaning of life suddenly confusing) After twenty minutes another police said my home did indeed exist but that we went to the wrong station. \
We went there and got everything we needed, headed for the one-hour-drive-far-away place. This is where the picture of the cab makes sense. (But with a lady driver, see the legs?)\
The place was full of people. The day before I had a medical examination, sight, weigh and height. I was 10 cm taller then the meter. (Says something about normal height around here) I could see 2.0 on the sight scale. He wrote 1.5 saying it was my glasses fault. Indeed.\
The hall. A big room very much like in an airport where you check in your luggage. No numbers or normal queue, but huge flocking around the poor police officers desks. And as in normal driving, bigger goes first. I did have an advantage here. :) \
Ohh. Yeah right. My papers. That wasn\’d5t just one paper, it was; #1 the medical, #2 the living, #3 passport, #4 visa, #5 photos, #6 translation of my Swedish license, #7 translators ID, #8 #9 and some other forms that we had to fill in (it was in Chinese so I didn\’d5t care to understand) #10 #11 and some copies. \
Suddenly everything stopped. All personnel in charge of the computers left their desks. Some wandered around, most left the hall. They said nothing and nobody asked. About 10 computers empty, about 100 people waiting gathered around empty desks waiting for something. Somebody. I heard one of the police officer saying to another \’d0 Maybe time for lunch? Lunch break normally means two hour of extra wait. \
Linn, my We\’d5go, my translator. Very eager to get going she asked around to find a reason. (She seamed to me to be the only one interested in knowing anything) She heard that Internet had been shutdown by unknown reason. Was it time to go home? We listen carefully to workers / police officers that where still around only to hear that they where going to have education in the afternoon so no desks open after 12:00. And nothing open until Monday for that matter.\
That would be my fifth time going to an office far-far-too-far away just because I needed a time for a written exam in front of a computer. \
11:45 \
We gave it all a smile feeling that we\’d5re not alone in this helpless situation (I\’d5m after all Christian). Suddenly one police officer took a seat (my guess by mistake) He turned to the others with a big grin. After 10 minutes all staff where back and soon our papers was behind on the correct side! Enormously happy we\’d5re soon out on the street again taking the bus back to the big city of Kunming, far far away.\
Coming up: Exam scheduled the 13th of July. It\’d5s 100 questions in English and must have 90 correct to pass. Traffic rules are similar to what we have in Sweden with the only difference that we usually follow regulations. (And we honk only when necessary)\

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