Blind making money..


Blind making money..
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Blind people has two things to do in a city like Kunming. And I’ve been told this is common reality for the rest of China. They are working as musicians or with some form of massage.

They are sometimes found sitting by the road on a small chair. You go there sit beside them and they rub your shoulder. Very nice and it cost about 2RMB.

Or they play an advance game and have there own studio where you go and get the whole body work. Often VERY professional. Normal cost is around 35RMB. The seeing is cheaper. Often not as good either.

As musicians they often look as the people on this photo from yesterday. They often come in group of three. When they walk away they form a line where the first one probably can see a little and he/she leads the others home. (or to KTV, I don’t really know)

Anyways. Click on this image to see a little more from yesterday.

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